If you are a genuine user of the oxygen concentrator then you might just want to know about how the oxygen concentrators work. This article completely focuses on giving you a proper idea about the working of the oxygen concentrators. 

If you reading this article then you are probably someone, who is suffering from asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD, or various other problems related to your respiratory system.  In earlier times, oxygen users used to use oxygen tanks or cylinders which restricted mobility and even proved to be dangerous. With the use of oxygen concentrators, you have come a long way, as you have two different options left with yourself to acquire oxygen therapy i.e. the portable oxygen concentrator and the home oxygen concentrator. 

First, let me tell you what you mean by the term oxygen concentrators. The oxygen concentrators are those machines that assist you to get the purified oxygen into your bloodstream. The oxygen concentrators are comparatively lighter in contrast with the oxygen tanks and can also help you meet up your oxygen needs. 

Working Of An Oxygen Concentrator

Normally air comprises 80 percent nitrogen and 20 percent oxygen, which is not an issue for the normal levels of oxygen in their blood. Although some individuals with low levels of oxygen struggle to transfer the normal air into the oxygen they require. Using an oxygen concentrator will help you to absorb the normal air and then purify it with about 90 to 95 percent of oxygen purification. 

Working Of A Portable Oxygen Concentrator 

The portable oxygen concentrators deliver supplemental oxygen with various oxygen flow settings, whether you are at home or you are traveling. The continuous flow setting of the oxygen concentrators enables the users to get hooked to their PAP machine. As in the portable oxygen concentrator, you get to see the constant delivery of oxygen so it is definite that these oxygen concentrators require more battery power. The portable oxygen concentrators with pulse dose setting features are generally found to be relatively larger in size and can assist you in meetup your high oxygen demands at the same time. 

Working Of A Home Oxygen Concentrator

The home oxygen concentrators are powered with the help of the wall outlet and help to receive the home oxygen therapy. The majority of home oxygen concentrators feature a continuous flow of oxygen along with a constant rate of oxygen delivery, irrespective of whether you inhale or exhale. Home oxygen concentrators typically produce oxygen within the range of 1-10 liters of oxygen per minute, depending on your prescription and resulting in your home oxygen concentrators looking heavier. The home oxygen concentrators typically weigh about 40-60 lbs. 

Key Takeaways

After reading this article, you definitely came to the conclusion that portable oxygen concentrators are much lighter in contrast with home oxygen concentrators.