Small and medium business owners are often faced with the problem of managing their service specialists. In nearly all cases, the onus falls on the business owner and other employees to manage field service through their jobs. For instance, a restaurant manager is in charge of including field service into his daily schedule, reminding technicians to make certain stops, inspecting their work and noting any problems in the reports and handing out payments accordingly. In fact, most small businesses lack formal management programs for their professionals. This can prove to be extremely costly especially if a field service technician fails to complete a job or damages equipment stemming from incompetence or carelessness.

The right field service management software can help you manage your technicians, schedule and route jobs, and ensure they arrive at the correct appointment on time. That means less time and money spent on technician scheduling and more time on the road servicing customers.

Assign Jobs to Technicians

Assigning a job to a technician is easy. First, create a new job record by entering relevant information about the job such as address, client name and contact number. Then assign the job to a technician by searching for their name in the technician search box or by manually entering their details.

Schedule Appointments

You can easily schedule appointments for technicians from within the job record. This makes it easy to see who is available to handle customer appointments. You can also set up appointment reminders which will help ensure that your customer’s expectations are managed.

Route Technicians to Appointments

Once you have scheduled an appointment for your technician, you can use our software to route them directly to their customer’s location. This makes sure that they get there on time and don’t waste any unnecessary time traveling between locations.

Field Service Management Software Features

Features like these make sure that your technicians are as productive as possible when they’re out in the field servicing your customers!

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