There could be varying reasons why one might want or need to locate a mobile device. The good thing is that there’s also a wide array of options and methods to acquire such information. ClickSearch, for instance, enables you to generate comprehensive reports remotely and efficiently. This is true even if the initial information you have is the associated phone number only. Check how do you track a phone number in just three quick and easy steps using ClickSearch.

ClickSearch Phone Lookup and Track a Phone Feature: Efficient and Effective

ClickSearch is a comprehensive search platform that offers various data lookup services. One of its widely used search features is cell phone tracking. Their track-a-phone service is specifically designed for users wanting to acquire all known/recorded locations remotely and efficiently. 

Though not for free, its extensive and seamless search process can surely provide great value for your money. And, in fact, even when compared to other paid search engines, ClickSearch is still way more affordable and cost-efficient.


What You Would Need to Locate a Phone Location via ClickSearch

ClickSearch’s track-a-phone feature can be utilized without the need for complex devices or programs. No further installations or downloads are needed. In fact, here’s what you’d only need to be able to initiate an in-depth search.

  • Reliable Internet Connection
  • Any Internet-Enabled Device
  • Valid Email Address
  • Active ClickSearch Subscription
  • Correct Phone Number Digits


How Do You Track a Phone Using ClickSearch

ClickSearch’s general interface is created with the user’s convenience in mind. It features an intuitive dashboard and accessible search tools. Hence, even less tech-savvy users should be able to comfortably and confidently utilize this smart search platform. 

Step 1: Access and Navigate
Using any internet-enabled device, visit the official website of ClickSearch, ClickSearch is an SSL-certified platform with high-end security protocols. So, be mindful of the URL you’re accessing and beware of fake sites. 

To run a specific phone number search, go to the Find-a-Cell-Phone Page.

Step 2: Search and Wait
Type in the phone number on the designated search bar. Double-check the digits provided to ensure the system pulls out the right information and generates the right report.

Wait until the algorithms complete the thorough search which should not be more than 5 minutes. 

Step 3: Open and Browse
Once available, there will be a View Full Report button prompt. Upon clicking, you should be able to immediately access the complete report. You could also receive a copy via email.Browse through the report and get the details you need. You shouldn’t have to worry as all data inclusions are comprehensively displayed. You can directly go to the Locations/Addresses section if you’re trying to track a device.


What Information Appears When You Run a Phone Number Search on ClickSearch

Another great thing about ClickSearch is that it grants you access to all available and relevant information associated with the phone number you’re searching on.

  • All known locations captured within 15-minute intervals
  • Alert notification in case it’s linked with any recorded scam cases
  • Phone provider and/or mobile network carrier
  • Identification of whether it’s prepaid or postpaid
  • SIM card activation and/or validity status
  • Phone number’s owner’s details (whichever is available)
    • Legal Name
    • Nickname/Aliases
    • Age 
    • Gender
    • Marital Status
    • Educational Background
    • Work Experiences
    • Property Reports
    • Criminal History


Phone Number Trackers: Other Ways on How to Find the Location of a Phone

As previously mentioned, there are several options you can choose from if you need or want to track phone locations. Here are some of those. 


Find My/Find My Device

If you’re one of the many phone users asking, ‘how do you track an Android phone/iOS device?’ the phone’s built-in tracking feature could be a great option for you. Even if you don’t have the associated phone number, you can start tracking a device provided that you’re privy to the associated Apple ID or Google Account. 


Spy Apps

Monitoring apps are specifically designed for phone tracking. Such mobile applications must be installed and set up on the target devices. Once activated, these automatically capture phone locations and remotely transmit collated details for easier and quicker access.


IMEI Trackers

If you still have access to the phone’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, you could as well track the location of the specific device. The IMEI number is a unique code identifier, making it easier to locate and track mobile phones. You could use apps or sites that are specifically designed for IMEI tracking.


Other Online Search Engines

Aside from phone number lookup sites, you could also use open-source web search engines. For instance, you could open Google Chrome and run a search like how you’d normally do. Expect, however, that you could be prompted for multiple possibly relevant search results or no results at all. You could also push your luck and try searching on social media platforms.


Conclusion: ClickSearch is a Cost-Efficient Way to Track Cell Phones

ClickSearch is a paid phone search site. But unlike free search services, it offers streamlined and extensive searches. It also guarantees credible and valuable information. Hence, you can get greater value for your money with ClickSearch.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track the location of a cell phone remotely?

ClickSearch is an accessible phone number search engine that offers remote and efficient searches. You can locate a phone online without the need to install any hardware or download any software.


How do you track a phone for free?

You could try Google Chrome and other open-source web search engines, or Facebook and other social media sites. Note though, that these aren’t as efficient as exclusive data lookup sites like ClickSearch.


How do you track a cell phone with just a number?

ClickSearch offers different ways to acquire valuable information and relevant reports. One of which is via phone numbers. By just typing in the phone digits, you could gain access to locations, online accounts, owner details, and so much directly.


Is ClickSearch safe to use to locate a cell phone?

ClickSearch is an SSL-certified search platform that offers hassle-free and risk-free searches. All collated and processed data is stored in heavily protected databases. And since it adheres to all rules and regulations of phone tracking, you shouldn’t have to worry about legal ramifications while using the platform.