There is no denying that more than 50% of the people in the world have an overbite. Unfortunately, only a few of them realizes this dental deformity and seek help. The others just keep looking at their teeth in the mirror feel disheartened. Let us tell you that dental technologies have advanced so much and it is easy to have an aligned set of teeth in the mouth. These treatments are effective and some of them will take as less as 12 months to give you the smile of your dreams.

If you are looking forward to some help with your misaligned teeth, you must seek help from Trophy Club orthodontics. The orthodontic experts will diagnose your teeth and give you the right solution for the same. Before you check in with an orthodontist, let us give you a brief about overbites.

There are two kinds of overbites – skeletal and dental. A dental overbite occurs when your upper teeth stick out too far from the lower teeth, but the structure of the jaw is normal. One common cause of this condition is thumb or finger sucking. Sucking the thumb or fingers can also push the bottom teeth back and the top ones forward.

The size of the jaws is same in overbites

The dental overbite can be dealt with the help simple orthodontic alignment technique. The correction may or may not require any removal of teeth depending upon the amount of crowding or protrusion present. Crowded teeth need special attention and they cannot be aligned without removing the teeth, the result may be flared or protrusive. In this case, people may feel that they have an overbite even though the top and the bottom teeth come together. We suggest to reach out to a dental specialist so that you know the exact condition of the teeth.

Various discrepancies between the upper and the lower jaw sizes can cause the other type of overbite. While the underdeveloped jaws are responsible for skeletal overbites, it can also be due to upper jaw being too big in some cases. When it is about dealing with skeletal overbites, Trophy Club orthodontics always suggest going to a surgery. Many people go for Trophy Club braces to deal with the same but only wearing braces do not help in most of the cases. The orthodontist has to check the teeth properly and come up with a treatment plan that works in your case.

Yes, it is true that despite developing many devices, orthodontists do not have any way to grow the jaw larger than it is naturally, only surgeries help in these cases. Some things are determined by our DNA and orthodontists also need to work similarly.