Your search for the best Botox treatment in St.Albans ends here. It will send all your wrinkle problems to look young and beautiful again. Aging and exposure to the sun cause fine lines on the face and body. It is unavoidable as aging affects all rich or poor, male or female, to lose youth’s shining skin. But it is preventable with the best botox treatment by stopping the nerves’ signals that cause wrinkling of a specific part of the body. It is a non-surgical treatment to avoid wrinkles and has fantastic effects. Mainly many use Botox injections on the face to reduce wrinkles around the eyes called Crows Feet and others.

So, check out how Botox treatment St. Albans can avoid wrinkles to have a gorgeous face even at an older age to look youthful and beautiful.

What wrinkles are avoidable by Botox treatment in St. Albans?

Besides aging, sunlight, stress, pollution, and other factors cause wrinkles even at a younger age for many to look old. There are two wrinkle types: dynamic wrinkles caused by smiling and squinting on the face. Also known as “crows’ feet,” when formed at the corner of the eyelids, they are prominent with aging by moving more facial muscles. The other wrinkles are very fine lines that occur because of thinning of the collagen in the skin. It is the protein beneath the skin layers and deep inside it because of aging and overexposure to the sun. Also caused by stretching and sagging of the face, which is avoidable by using the best Botox treatment in St. Albans.

What is Botox treatment for St. Albans?

Botox is the brand name of Onobotulinumtoxin A made by the bacterium clostridium botulinum. It blocks the signal from the nerves to the muscles to stop contracting, which causes wrinkles. Hence, injecting it into the forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet avoids wrinkling from two to six months. The FDA of the Food & Drug Authority of the US has approved four types of this Onobutolinumtoxin A to use in facial treatment: Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin. Only the best injector or the surgeon will decide on the correct type of Botox treatment for St. Albans to be free of wrinkles for a few months and look young again.

Procedure for Botox treatment in St. Albans

It is the question of a few minutes to do the Botox procedure and does not need anesthesia. But you should avoid taking alcohol or any inflammatory medicines like aspirin one week before taking Botox treatment. The surgeon or orthodontist will cleanse the area that needs the Botox injection and mark it with a removable marker or eyeliner. A numbing cream may get applied to the site, and you may use icepacks to avoid any discomfort. The surgeon will inject Botox in the marked areas to block signals from the nerves and the muscles. Hence it makes the wrinkles on the injected area soften and relax. It may cause a few minor bumps on the injected area that goes away within a few minutes. You may also have mild bruising in the area that reduces within the next 24 to 48 hours.

The above facts will convince you to take the best Botox treatment in St. Albans to be free of wrinkles for three to six months to be beautiful again.

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