Most companies spend hundreds of hours developing a captivating web page with catchy titles, alluring background images, crisp content, product quality, and never-ending ideas they have to offer. But this will only reach the customer’s eyesight if the website takes forever to load. Any promotion done with the help of a top Digital Marketing Company will go in vain if it has a lazy-loading page. It will affect the sales and traffic of the site, as customers often consider the loading speed of a website synonymous with the quality of a site.

Effects of a website with a long loading duration:

Here are a few takeaways on what happens when a website takes forever to load

Slow websites lose customers:
Customers prefer websites with higher loading speeds. The rate of losing customers is inversely proportional to the speed of a website. The loading speed of a website acts as the first impression factor, and it has the potential to dent a brand’s reputation. This can be due to a lot of reasons like the poorly coded program, usage of high-resolution pictures can render the speed, high cache memory, avoidance of gZIP compression, irrelevant ads, etc.; when the loading speed of a site is taking a hit, no promotion done by any reputed Digital Marketing Company can help from the loss of traffic to that site.

Sales Declination:
Sales are all about speed. Be it in the real world, where competitors are keen on snatching the rival’s sales, or in the digital world, where a poorly programmed website could automatically damage the SEO, lowering the traffic rate. For instance, a newbie furniture company invested all its money in developing a website and collaborated with an SEO Company in Delhi to optimize the traffic, hoping for a boost in the sale of the site. But a menial task like page-loading speed could make the sales go down the drain.

Affects ranking:
Google or any other search engine ranks a website based on the traffic intensity, i.e.) a page displayed on the search page often signifies high customer traffic, which naturally implies the brand’s popularity or trust factor. When loading takes longer, people are more inclined to leave the site and go for the next available page. This dramatically impacts the ranking of a website despite the quality of the product or content of that site. A visitor who reaches the site using ads can lose interest in the product before checking that product or page. This means a loss in conversion rates, i.e.) the rate of converting a visitor to a customer.

Let’s say an SEO Company in Delhi is trying its best with many inputs to optimize the page, but a site with a slow loading speed will waste the efforts. Optimizing a website’s speed is one of the ways to keep the customer interested in the site. A happy customer is the best goal any company could achieve. TYC Communication is one such organization with endless insights to offer for customer satisfaction.