One must know that most of our bodily functions are regulated by our body’s hormonal control. They act as an internal communication system between the body’s cells. Right from the digestion, appetite growth, immune function, mood, and libido, everything is being coordinated, This clearly means that if any sort of imbalance in the hormone can directly impacts health and well-being. Sometimes, it has been observed that any drop or unbalance in the hormonal system causes a person to take hormone replacement therapy. So, what exactly it is? The bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a natural solution to hormonal issues.

What is BHRT?

BHRT is a type of hormone replacement therapy that is used for treating both men and women when a level drops or an unbalanced hormone is observed. This therapy is highly effective in providing ease to perimenopause or menopause. One such clinic, the Encore clinic is well-known for providing effective treatment. On the other hand, it can also be used for treating cancer symptoms or conditions like

  • insulin resistance
  • adrenal and thyroid disorders
  • osteoporosis
  • fibromyalgia

The bioidentical hormones are basically manmade hormones that are obtained from the plant estrogens. They are chemically identical to the ones that the human body produces. Three types of hormones – estrogens, progesterone, and testosterone are the major replicated ones used in treatment. They can be used in several forms like:

  • pills
  • patches
  • creams
  • gels
  • injections

Menopause is completely a natural phenomenon, and this varies from woman to woman. But, there are certain symptoms that require hormonal interventions. Hormone replacement therapy for menopause is one of the most effective ways to relieve the symptoms. But, keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that this therapy is completely risk-free. Howeffective is it completely depends upon the age, when have you entered menopause, and other risk factors.

Components of BHRT

Certain bioidentical hormones are made by drug companies. While others are custom-made as per prescribed by the doctors. They are also known as compounded bioidentical hormones. Certainforms of manufactured bioidentical hormones are being approved by the U.S. FDA. This includes bioidentical estriol and progesterone. However, none of any custom-compounded bioidentical hormones has been approved by FDA.

Benefits of BHRT

BioTE hormone replacement therapy is used for all those whose hormones level drop with age. It is used especially for women who are in perimenopause or menopause. This therapy effectively increases the hormonal levels and enhances the moderate to severe menopause symptoms. This includes

  • Night sweats
  • Hot flashes
  • Memory loss
  • Mood swings
  • Sleep problems
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of interest in sex

In addition to the above, this therapy also minimizes the risk related to tooth loss, diabetes, and cataracts.

How to take Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy comes in a variety of forms including:

  • Injections
  • Creams
  • Patches
  • Implanted pellets
  • gels

Before going for any, make sure to consult with the doctor to avail the best for you and your lifestyle. Once you start BHRT, it is required to monitor regularly for evaluating the body’s response. As per the FDA, any form of hormone therapy must be taken in the form of the lowest dos and must be used for the shortest duration.


BHRT is an option that is used to ease several hormonal-related issues. However, it has several side effects too. Hence, before opting for it one must ask a doctor.