We’re all familiar with the pharmaceutical industry, because we realize a standard thing, that is, medicine bottles, large and small bottles are packed with medicines, and the automatic counting machine is some sort of machine suitable for pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries. The device for counting tablets, granules and other medicines or food, its wide variety of uses makes this equipment very much needed by lots of people on the market, and its sales are becoming more and more popular. Here, PHARMAPACK is here now to describe the entire When purchasing an automatic counter , what ought to be paid attention to so as to choose the right equipment.

Matters needing attention when purchasing an entirely automatic counting machine:

1. The very first is the applicability of the automatic pill counting machine: there are various kinds of pills. We ought to try to get pills which can be fully suitable for pills, and at once, flexibly adjust the packaging pill bottles to adapt to different specifications, so that a production line can Suited to different granules, to be able to reduce the amount of purchased equipment, save costs and plant space.

2. The necessary conditions for the automatic counting machine Accuracy and reliability: Generally, there are four links that affect the filling accuracy of the counting machine. The very first is the photoelectric sensor, the second reason is the warehouse separation mechanism, the 3rd could be the feeding port, and the fourth could be the bottle feeding mechanism. The gear should use high-dust-resistant sensing technology, that may ensure continuous and reliable counting work even in the event of long-term high-speed work. The design and manufacture of each institution should be scientific, reasonable and reliable, and at once, there must be comprehensive real-time monitoring of the working status of each institution.

3. The easy operation of the automatic counting machine: the counting machine ought to be fully adapted to the current situation of the operators and maintenance personnel of the pharmaceutical factory, and ought to be easy to modify, operate and clean. As an example, the operation panel of the automatic particle counting machine adopts a liquid crystal touchscreen display, that may realize all functions such as for example digital adjustment of working parameters, storage of multiple categories of parameters, system self-check, working status indication, and fault alarm.

4. The safety of the automatic counting machine: including the safety of operation during the packaging process and the protection of the quality of medicines; the protection of the quality of medicines ought to be ensured in the counting process along with the choice of corresponding safety materials. The injury to the medicine shall not be caused during the procedure, and the filling of several grains will probably be carried out reasonably.

5. Select a supplier with independent technology: The particle counting machine is a highly professional and high-tech equipment, and an expert supplier with independent technology ought to be selected. They’ve an entire quality assurance system for drugs, and can offer users with complete and reliable pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services.

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