An anode rod is a rod made from “sacrificial” steel. Like batteries, the anode produces an electrochemical reaction in the storage tank. The anode slowly wears off rather than the cellular lining of the container. As long as the anodes supplier Australia exists and practical, mostly all deterioration or rusting on the container’s cellular lining is protected against.


To all customers who are shopping for a brand-new hot water heater, an important element of the brand-new device is the accessibility to its anode rod. On top of the hot water heater is a part called a hex head. It is either visible or otherwise. If it is not noticeable, the hex head is either located underneath the sheet metal top or is connected underneath the warm water electrical outlet. You should not have to choose a difficult to find anode pole. I advise not buying this hot water heater. Search for a hot water heater with an easily found hex head.

In the case of commercial water heaters, the outer sheet metal top of the hot water heater have to always be eliminated for access to the anode rod. The hex head is seldom discovered revealed, whether it is an electrical or gas heating systems. As you remove the top to the heating unit, note the top of the heating unit itself to make sure that assembling it with each other later on will be easier. At this point the hex head for the anode pole can be discovered quickly on any industrial electric heater. On gas heating units, the hex head will probably be easy to discover if it has a solitary flue vent. If it has greater than one flue air vent, it might will certainly be more difficult to locate.


An anode is constructed of light weight aluminum, zinc, or magnesium. It is developed around a cable running down the facility of the pole. Difficult water areas of the country frequently have hot water heater with aluminum poles set up due to the fact that aluminum is the most effective product for hard water conditions. If your anode pole has deteriorated to the wire or is gone completely, this is typically a sign of hard water. Be careful of light weight aluminum anode rods, nonetheless. Scientific research thinks that there is a web link between aluminum in the diet plan and also Alzheimer’s condition. Do not consume or prepare with hot water from a storage tank which makes use of an anode rod constructed of light weight aluminum. To figure out if you have an aluminum anode rod, eliminate it, after that flex it. If it flexes conveniently in your hands, it is possibly made out of light weight aluminum.

Mix Anode

Usually anodes are set up with 3/4 in. hex heads screwed in the top of the storage tank. However, a combination anode is attached to the hot water outlet pipe nipple area, additionally screwed in on top. All hot water heater have a minimum of one anode rod. Some hot water heater have longer service warranties due to the fact that they have 2 anode poles. If there are two anode poles, that is since one is connected to a hex head at the top and the various other is a combination anode attached to the warm water electrical outlet. Some property heating units have 2 hex headed anode rods and also no mix anodes though.
To figure out if you have a mix anode rod, separate the hot water electrical outlet on top of the heating system making use of a pipe wrench. Don’t forget to turn off the water initially! Next poke a rigid wire down the hole where the hot water nipple area was. If it quits concerning 3 to 6 inches straight down, then you have situated the mix anode. If the cord meets nothing inside, the anode is elsewhere. The combination anode can be eliminated with a pipe wrench.

If you do not have a mix anode and also you intend to install one, after that get rid of the warm water pipeline nipple and replace it with a mix anode pole. The nipple area on the anode rode will require to be longer than the thickness of the insulation in addition to the heating unit, which is generally 2 to 6 inches.


Magnesium is used more frequently than the other metals for anodes. When the water in your location is not specifically hard, use magnesium poles is most likely best. Be careful with magnesium poles, nevertheless, when replacing them in a currently rusted tank. The electrochemical response from the brand-new magnesium anode can create hydrogen gas to build up in the tank. This can bring about water leaks.


New water heaters hardly ever have a zinc rod currently set up. Zinc poles are in fact aluminum poles with a 1/10 part of the rod being actual zinc. Zinc’s only objective in an anode rod is to reduce the scent of sulfur in the water.