AWS Data Analytics certification is one of the most sought-after credentials among all professionals. It can offer a high salary and help you join top companies worldwide. However, the exam is highly challenging and requires a robust preparation strategy. You will need to create and follow a schedule till you get successful.

Before diving into preparing for AWS Data Analytics Certification, you might have numerous questions in your mind. And one of them is, how much time does it require to grasp all AWS Data Analytics concepts? Or, more precisely, how much time should you devote to prepare for the AWS Data Analytics certification.

Don’t worry; we’ll give you the best answers right below. This post will walk you through all topics consuming time during your preparation phase. Besides, you will also know the length of the entire curriculum to estimate the exact study duration for this credential. Wait, there’s more! Finally, we will add up the time taken to complete a reputed AWS Data Analytics Training to give you an accurate value.

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An Overview of the AWS Data Analytics Certification Exam

The AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty exam measures candidates’ ability to design, create, operationalize, and secure data analytics systems on the AWS platform. It also assesses the candidate’s familiarity with AWS’s numerous data analytics services. This exam is online-based, and you can take it at a designated test center or from anywhere using online proctoring. Candidates must register

and pay a $300 fee to take this exam.

The following is vital information about the exam pattern:-

  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Format: Multiple-Choice questions having one correct option or more than one correct option.
  • Number of questions: 65

The grading in the exam has a scale of 100 to 1000, with a 750 as the minimum passing mark. There are 15 unscored questions out of 65 that do not contribute to the final score. These questions are used to assess the candidate’s performance on unscored questions. It may be reviewed as scored questions in the future in specific conditions. During the exam, you will not be able to recognize these unanswered questions.

AWS Data Analytics Certification Exam Content

AWS assesses various skills with a person during the exam to issue this certificate. The primary focus is the candidate’s ability to define multiple AWS-based data analytics services that can fit into the data lifecycle of collection, storage, processing, and visualization. It also tests the candidates’ knowledge of how the various AWS data analytics services interact.

The exam’s questions are organized into the following domains. The weighting of each section is assigned to each of them.

  • Collection (18%)
  • Storage and Data Management (22%)
  • Processing (24%)
  • Analysis and Visualizations (18%)
  • Security (18%)

The majority of the inquiries from the above domains are about AWS services. For example, questions in the storage and data management area will concern various AWS storage and data management products and services and how to use them across multiple use cases.

AWS Data Analytics Certification Exam Prerequisites

Individuals with experience and competence working with AWS services to design, construct, protect, and maintain analytics systems can pursue the AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty. AWS advises that you have the following skills before taking this exam:

  • Experience with typical data analytics technologies for at least five years
  • Two years of hands-on experience in securing, designing, building, and maintaining analytics applications using AWS services
  • Ability to define AWS data analytics services and comprehend how they work together
  • Ability to explain how AWS data analytics services fit within the data collection, processing, storage, and visualization lifecycle

AWS Whitepapers to Read

Amazon has countless whitepapers documenting Data Analytics products. However, they recommend these two papers within the Data Analytics Learning Path to help you better understand the existing services. Remember that reading whitepapers consumes time. So, knowing about them is necessary to get a rough duration estimate.

  • Streaming Data Solutions on AWS with Amazon Kinesis (29 pages)

The progression of analytics from batch to real-time is discussed in this whitepaper. It explains how to utilize Amazon Kinesis Streams, Amazon Kinesis Firehose, and Amazon Kinesis Analytics to build real-time applications and standard design patterns for these services.

  • Big Data Analytics Options on AWS (56 pages)

This whitepaper provides an overview of services, including ideal usage patterns, cost model, performance, durability and availability, scalability and elasticity, interfaces, and anti-patterns, to help architects, data scientists, and developers understand the Big Data analytics options available in the AWS cloud.

Time consumed to prepare for AWS Data Analytics certification.

Preparing for the AWS Data Analytics certification is a tedious process. Your exact time taken depends on all the above factors. Firstly, it’s better to have the prerequisites. Spending time with leading Data Analytics technologies and performing hands-on requires ample time. As you already saw, the recommended experience is better 5-7 years. Yes, it’s better to get years of experience using Data Analytics technologies before diving into the preparation.

Now, let’s assume you have the prerequisites and required experience in Data Analytics. The time taken to prepare for AWS Data Analytics certification depends on the following aspects:

  • Course duration: The best AWS Data Analytics certification courses have 40-50 hours of on-demand video. Besides, these sessions have 2-3 projects, each consuming a week of the dedicated timeline.
  • Whitepapers: The next checkpoint in a self-study timetable is reading the whitepapers. While studying the concepts will consume 1-1.5 months, reading the whitepapers will likely consume 15 days.

So, your entire AWS Data Analytics certification preparation will take around 2.5-3 months. Although you can finish early, a relaxed timetable will take such a duration considering all odds during your studies.

The Bottom Line

Preparing for the AWS Data Analytics Certification takes time and requires expertise. It expects you to master Data Analytics on AWS and become a skilled professional. So, it’s better to begin your preparations from today! You can finish early and achieve your professional goals before time. Get started now.