A laptop screen is a very needed device for every person and every work start a new blog for providing digital information and gadget, kitchen device, an outdoor gadget I will write a new article for laptop

Some tips by changing the screen itself

A screwdriver and a magnet tray

1. First, disconnect the power from the laptop and keep the charger and battery away from the laptop

2. Open all the screws with the help of the screwdriver and place all the screws in the magnetic tray.

3. Open the display screw before disconnecting the display and disconnect the display connector. Open the screw of the hinges of the display.

4 Place the new display carefully on the old deployment and connect the connector by applying the screw and check before installing the screw whether the screen is seated properly and after that screw it

5. Install the battery inside the laptop, start the laptop, check that the screen is working correctly.