School is the most important learning milestone in your child’s life. The quality of education received even in the start of learning years can shape the future of your child. For the overall development of your child, you need to select a school after proper research so that your child not only thrives in academics but is properly taken care of in all aspects.  

In order to create a healthy learning environment, school needs to make the child feel safe and loved so that their curiosity and learning can continue to grow. Strong teacher-student relationship provides a bedrock foundation that a child can step on and continue to thrive. Most of the schools continue promoting traditional learning styles that are teaching-centric and don’t cater much to children’s well-being, learning, and development.  

Along with the advancing teaching-learning styles, several measures are taken to ensure the overall development of children time and again which includes a focus on the child’s physical and emotional well-being.  Parents must realize the importance of prioritizing their child’s well-being along with their education.  Schools all over India are adopting new teaching styles and strategies that give parents a variety of options to choose from. Parents in or near Delhi NCR must look for CBSE Schools in Greater Noida in this regard. 

From good primary schools to senior secondary schools, Greater Noida has them all. Focusing on quality education, mental and physical health well-being, and emotional safety CBSE schools in Greater Noida exceed parents’ expectations in every way possible.  

How can parents make sure that the school is taking care of their child’s well-being? 

  • Physical Activities:  

kids need to engage themselves in physical activities for their physical well-being and healthy growth. Schools should make sure of routine physical activities through exercise or sports so that children can enjoy their time, and learn cooperation, and coordination. 

  • Mental Well-being:  

Mental health influences children’s learning rate, academic curve, and behavioral and cognitive responses. Good schools should make sure to relieve emotional stress through various means possible such as routinely healthy competitions, using multiple teaching methods, emphasizing good eating habits, and stressing on the importance of good sleep. 

  • Emotional Safety:  

Growing up children has complex emotions which can affect their ability to think straight and participate in the learning environment. Good Schools should give attention to each and every student so that they can learn to reach out for help in order to validate their feelings and prevent the worsening of the situation. 

  • Cognitive Development:  

School’s main job is to cater child’s cognitive development through various means possible and to give structured feedback on academics and co-curricular activities.   

  • Spiritual Well-being:  

For students to discover their ambitions, aspirations, and interests, they need to be more aware of their feelings, thoughts, and ambitions. School plays an important role in this regard by helping them in all these regards through guidance, counseling, and helping them learn other mindful practices like yoga. 

These are some ways through which good CBSE schools in Greater Noida ensure your child’s well-being.