Drug discovery is very important to find a cure for a specific disease or virus. However, it is a very crucial and long process. For this purpose, there are so many drug discovery conferences held in which higher authorities of this industry come and share informational things with the audience. Hence, a drug discovery conference will be a great source of learning for drug hunters. It covers a wide range of topics like drug delivery, pharmacology, organic synthesis, structural biology, and medicinal chemistry.

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Anyways, if you want to know more about the drug discovery process, stay tuned to the article.

What is a Drug Discovery Process?

Drug discovery is a long process of finding written compounds to fight disease. Among thousands of search work and screening, only one drug can make it to the market.

However, the development process takes over 15 years. Medical compounds need to go through many stages to be purified for fighting the disease.

A drug discovery conference is also an important step that is taken to provide more awareness and knowledge about this process.

What are the Steps of the Drug Discovery Process?

Today drug development and pharma discovery have managed to shrink their timeline. However, effective drug development needs 10 to 15 years, with approx 1 billion $ invested to carry a successful drug sample.

Bypassing all these stages you can have an effective drug on your checklist

1-Discovery And Development

The researchers need to go through many tests and actions to make the compound capable of fighting the disease. The compound is chosen by its desirable effect on a specific biological matter.

The researchers test various silicon platforms, biochemical assays, cell cultures, and various animal models to extract the right substance from the biological compound.

2-Preclinical Research

In this stage, the substance goes through preclinical research. They identify the early discovered drugs by refining, optimizing, and extensively testing them in laboratories on animals and alternative materials.

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This is done to check the effect and safety of the drug before it enters the human body. So now mass production has started to provide sufficient drugs for clinical trials.

3-Clinical Development

The clinical phase consists of four stages. First, it is given to 20 to 80 healthy subjects. This is to check if the drug is safe, does it have side effects, and how it acts in the human body. After its tolerance and effectiveness are proven, it is given to the wider market in the 2nd and 3rd phases.

In the final stage, doctors give the dose to thousands of their patients to check how it reacts in different human bodies and what dose is best for their patients. Moreover, its reaction and relation with other drugs are also tested.

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4-FDA Review

When the data has gone through its previous three stages, it is then submitted to higher authorities for review. The data is collected, and scrutiny is analyzed. It is then sent to nationalized authority or a central process is required before the drugs or vaccines are sold to the open market.

Apparently, only the drug that made its way through these 4 stages is appropriate for treating the respective disease.

FDA Review is also discussed by higher authorities in a drug discovery conference to facilitate persons by new guidelines.

5-FDA Post-Market Safety Monitory

This phase is also known as Post-Marketing Surveillance Trials. It is carried out after authorization of drug marketing. A large number of people provide more data regarding the effectiveness and safety of the drug.

This helps them observe the long-term effects of the drugs and compare them with other medicines available in the market.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we’ve provided you about the drug discovery process by explaining all its important steps. Hence, if you also have some ideas about drug discovery or want to enhance your knowledge, you must take part in the upcoming Drug discovery Conferences 2023.

A drug discovery conference works as a super duper deal in educating the audience about the procedure of the drug discovery process.

People from different pharma, biotech, life sciences, healthcare, and bioinformatics industries are a part of this Drug discovery conference. So, if you will attend this type of drug discovery conference, you will get so much to learn