Health ATMs are one of the best proven technologies in the healthcare sector. The first health ATM was established by the Essar Foundation in 2016. These health ATMs are successfully installed at the primary health center to provide quality health care to people, especially in rural and remote areas.

The best thing is that there is no manual intervention in health ATMs, which helps to find insurance policy issues and conduct medical tests. Today, health ATMs are installed at many healthcare centers.

In this article, we are going to tell you the fact that makes health ATMs an innovative shift in the healthcare sector. If you also want to know about this latest technology, keep reading the full article.

How do the integrated devices of health kiosk work

Health ATMs are equipped with different functionalities and features. Health ATMs have been considered private and walk a kiosk staffed by medical attendants.

The clinics on cloud integrated devices in this machine are used for laboratory testing and checking basic vitals. Special testing with emergency facilities is also available with health kiosks for pulmonary, neurology, cardiology, and gynecology testing.

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Hassle free health screening by health ATM

The health ATM helps to provide fast and hassle free health screening.

  • This is also the facility to connect the patients to their healthcare professionals through web based or mobile based applications or even through video conferencing.
  • In today’s scenario, with the current lifestyle and extended non-communicable diseases, there is a need for preventive screening and early diagnosis.
  • In this way, health ATMs play an important role in quickly addressing health problems and getting quality treatment on time.

Avoid the case of a long waiting period.

Along with the quality and preventive healthcare, it also makes the primary healthcare centers or rural clinics.

  • In this way, the health ATM helps to avoid the patient’s long waiting times and address the unequal patient doctor ratio.
  • Also, the diagnosis made with the health ATM and the result of health is easily verified and transferred by centralized control units.
  • The units also give instructions to doctors for online treatment based on the diagnosis.

What challenges come while operating the health ATM

There are some challenges that come while operating a health ATM. With the internet connection, interrupted power supply, and inadequate infrastructure, it is tough to manage the Health ATM installed machines in rural areas.

In this situation, taking the benefits of maintenance of health ATM adds the responsibility to primary care and government health centers officials. Any delay or interpretations that come with kiosk maintenance leads to the relegation of cold storage in less time.


Many features of health ATMs illustrate the improvement made in healthcare centers. There are many wellness and preventive groups that use the health ATM to find health problems in rural or remote areas.

Along with healthcare, the health ATMs are also installed at various places like restaurants, malls, airports, etc., to make it easy for customers to access their diagnostic reports and quality healthcare givers.