Your best wellspring of data is the authority Tableau manages. There, you can discover test preparation with a test and a connection to an example exercise manual that will give you an awesome benchmark. To take the test, you should be a legitimate Desktop Certified Associate (CA). The subtleties of the CA test can be found here, with points of interest on the best way to breeze through that specific test here and become tableau desktop certified professional .

The test climate is the same as Desktop Certified Associate: you will utilize a virtual machine, and a delegate can interfere with you at any second (which happened twice during my test). Dissimilar to the Certified Associate, the CP test decisions. You need to assemble representations to respond to the inquiries, and your answers are entered in as free content. The test length is three hours, and you can’t leave your seat during the test, so I suggest having water, espresso, or another thing to remain hydrated and become a tableau desktop certified professional  in Tableau Training

Tableau Courses to Help You Prepare

From my viewpoint, taking the Desktop III and Visual Analytics courses establishes a strong framework for the CP test. I discovered a portion of the models and phrasing in these courses to be the same as the CP test questions. It may very well be helpful to take one of these courses a couple of days before the test. These courses extend your tableau data representation information, however, they additionally help you come out better as a data expert. Both will show various techniques to picture data and help you with best practices and become tableau desktop certified professionals .

Notwithstanding the connections referenced above, there are numerous web journals and free assets accessible to help you in your test readiness and become tableau desktop certified professional .

What’s in store and Helpful Resources

Look at this Tableau page committed to data representation. Here, you can discover clarifications of poor and extraordinary perceptions, just as direction encompassing average data questions, including the most appropriate kind of examination and outline to respond to them and get maximum tableau desktop certified professional salary .For instance, disperse plots are extraordinary for recognizing relationships, and when looking at KPI execution against a focus, a shot diagram is viable by clearing tableau desktop certified professional exam .

. During the test, it’s convenient to rapidly apply this information. You will not have a lot of time to investigate diverse outline choices and get maximum tableau desktop certified professional salary. 

You can anticipate progressed table computations. Here are a few sites I found supportive to invigorate my insight and practice:

  • Rundown of table estimation capacities with models by Tableau
  • The Tableau Deep Dive arrangement by Robert Curtis was an incredible assistance in my tableau venture all in all yet in addition explicitly while getting ready for the CP test.
  • Top 10 Tableau table estimations with exercise manual models

There will be a level of detail articulation and in any event one model with settled LODs. The following are some blog entries I found helpful:

  • Top 15 LOD articulations with exercise manual models
  • Tableau settled LODs by Ana Yin
  • More models can be found here (thank you, Tableau) and here.

Most presumably, you should utilize boundaries in a few activities, and make certain to have a decent hold on joins, associations, and mixes. I expected to make a joint estimation in my test.

Organizing is a vital piece of the test. Attempt to chip away at titles and tooltips as you go. Another great tip is to set up the design on an exercise manual level toward the beginning of the test by clearing tableau desktop certified professional exams.

Notwithstanding this article, which gives direction, I suggest looking at the example exercise manuals that accompany your Tableau establishment (World Indicators, Regional, and Superstore). In these exercise manuals, you can perceive what diagrams Tableau uses to address various inquiries:


The test is three hours in length, which may appear to be quite a while, however, trust me, it isn’t! That time goes extraordinarily quickly, particularly when you’re centering so hard. Monitor the time, and give yourself severe rules while doing each part. You will probably leave the test figuring, “I might have improved and that question in an alternate manner.” Everyone I know feels something very similar. I don’t think I know any individual who has left the test feeling 100% content with their last work. You’re on a severe time timetable, and tableau isn’t anticipating an ideal result and becoming a tableau desktop certified professional . 

To get ready, I’d suggest evaluating some current representations and changing/alternately building them while holding fast to a severe time limit by clearing tableau desktop certified professional exams . Give yourself some time toward the finish to survey everything at any rate five minutes to present your work (some of the time the transfer can take a short time) and get maximum tableau desktop certified professional salary. 

Test Structure

The design of the test is very much clarified in the test management, yet here are the three principal parts:

Module 1—Visual Best Practices: You’ll be given a graph and requested to revamp it to more readily address the inquiry.

Module 2—Advanced Technical Skills: Application of table estimations, LODs, boundaries, and so forth

Module 3—Storytelling: You will be given a utilization case and posed inquiries for which you should fabricate a few perceptions. The final product of this part will be a Dashboard and a Story. You should apply the entirety of the above-mentioned. It’s not referenced in the most recent test arrangement directly, however, storytelling is used to give the most focus. So, I suggest beginning with Module 3 and inspecting it again toward the end if you have time by clearing the tableau desktop certified professional exam .

You can discover extraordinary ideas on the most proficient method to get ready for the storytelling module in this blog entry. Attempt to chip away at various datasets and use cases. Take part in Makeover Monday, Workout Wednesday, Storytelling with Data challenge, and comparative undertakings to hone your abilities and get maximum tableau desktop certified professional salary. 

Best of luck with your readiness, and I desire to see a similar testament with your name on it. If it’s not too much trouble, let the local area know whether you discover more valuable tips. Extraordinary because of Mavis Liu for her commitment to this blog entry by clearing the tableau desktop certified professional exam .