If we randomly ask people about what they can’t live without in summers. An air conditioner will be on top of the list for many. Air Conditioner makes it comfortable to sleep and stay indoors in the scorching summer heat.

At the onset of every summer season, we need to get our AC serviced to ensure good cooling and germ-free living. Searching for AC servicing near me often ends up with random references from neighbours. We are hardly ever aware of the work quality of the technicians, their verification status and testimonials.

The same applies to AC repair services. Here are some handy points to choose an AC repair near me.

  1. Relevant Work Experience

Does the technician have relevant work experience in AC repair services for the type of AC you own? Do they use the latest technology for AC service? These questions will help us find the relevant work experience for an AC repair near me.

2. Background Verification Status

Before allowing a technician to work in our homes, we need to ensure that the technician has a verified background status. A status report by the local police station is usually helpful. Ensuring this helps secure our loved ones when we look for AC servicing near me.

3. Client Testimonials

Are enough customer testimonials or reviews available for the technicians we are booking for AC repair services? Reviews and testimonials give us an idea of what service quality we expect searching for AC repair near me.

4. On-Time Job Completion

Does the technician complete AC repair services on time? Are there complaints of delayed job completion? The above information helps to make an informed decision.

How to find this information?

Finding the above information can be a hassle. We all are pressed for time and need instant service booking and delivery.

Easy Fix helps individuals and corporations get AC repair services from professional technicians who tick all the above boxes. Some advantages of booking AC servicing near me using Easy Fix are:

  1. On-Time Completion

Easy Fix has a proven track record of on-time job completion for individuals and corporations. Easy Fix works with leading corporations as an extension of their service team with a proven track record of on-time job completion.

2. Expert and Verified Technicians

Easy Fix hires the best technicians after skill verification and a thorough police background verification. The recruitment process ensures all Easy Fix technicians are experts at AC Repair Services and offer complete safety at work.

3. Instant Booking Process

Are you looking for AC servicing near me? Easy Fix offers instant online booking where you can describe the requirement and choose a convenient timeslot to book a technician. Corporations undertake an annual agreement with Easy Fix that gives them access to apps and a portal for real-time order booking and tracking.

4. Pan India Availability

Individuals can book AC repair near me for more than 400 locations covering the length and breadth of the country. Corporations can grow their business with Easy Fix as an extension of their service teams.

Why Easy Fix?

Easy Fix is India’s leading handyman service provider with a decade of experience working in niche areas like appliances, AC servicing near me, repair, maintenance, EV charging, gym equipment, facility management, carpenter, rooftop solar, kitchen chimney, modular kitchen, AC repair services, relocation help, spare management, demonstration and installations.

Easy Fix offers transparent billing and job tracking with standard pricing across the country. Customers also experience a consistent work quality with a focused training approach that ensures all projects have dedicated trained resources.

Are you looking for AC repair services?

IF you are searching for AC repair near me, Easy Fix helps get the best technician for AC repair and AC servicing near me. The Easy Fix technicians are adept with new-age technology and trained in the latest tools and techniques. Book your AC repair services on Easy Fix and enjoy comfortable summers with perfectly cooling air conditioners

Are you a Brand?

Are you a brand looking for a partner to extend AC repair services to their customers across the country? Switch to Easy Fix and grow your business while Easy Fix looks after warranty, installation and repair services.