Before you finalize the water tank for your new home, take a look at your water storage requirements, space to install and do a small research on the industry to find out the trends in tank types, colours, capacity and finance. If you are looking for residential water tanks, don’t buy anything aimlessly until you know a small sized or big sized tank meets the household demands. Here are some matters on plastic water tanks, how to do a better buy and the reliable water storage tanks, UAE.

How much tank volume do you need?

For daily household needs and irrigation, plastic water tanks of a bit large are recommended. On an average, a family of 4 needs 690 liters of water per day. i.e. 120-200 liter water per person. Majority of water used in a household is probably for toilets, showers, laundry, car washing etc.

How much space is available? Or what are your preferences on water storage tanks, UAE? Depending upon these factors, choose a slimline water tank or round water tank.

●Slimline waters

They are ideal for limited spaces or for a smaller backyard. Particularly designed to suit urban areas with a maximum water storage capacity of 10,000 liters.

●Round water tanks

If you have plenty of space and require a large volume of water, Round water tanks are ideal. They can hold up to 37,000 liters of water. They are common in country sides to combat drought and a great help to reduce the load on main water supply in rural areas.

Find your plastic tank dimensions for an efficient use

Many water tank manufacturers in UAE offer different sized plastic water tanks that fit both household and commercial needs. At households, if you are storing water from an existing public pipeline or from rainwater harvesting, the tank you choose should depend on the usage and space availability. For commercial/ industrial purposes, larger water storage tanks are an essential buy for holding larger volumes. Do find various types of plastic water storage tanks, UAE at Polycom Plastics Website.

Polyethylene Water Tanks,
Size and Capacity recommendations

Polyethylene Water Tanks can hold large volumes of water upto 50,000 gallons. They are light- weighted, durable and easily installed as well. Polycom plastics water tank manufacturers in UAE, supplies polyethylene water storage tanks, UAE, which is specifically made from glass- reinforced plastic technology. Some specifications on PE water tanks are given below.

✓532380 385 mm
✓761583 588 mm
✓888786 664 mm
✓1294685 690 mm
✓1243964 969 mm

In conclusion

So if you ask, what sized water tank you need to buy, remember these things.

●Your daily water requirement
●Your space
●Your investment

Buy high quality water tanks to last long and be best functional. If you have decided to buy plastic water tanks, choose polyethylene types or GRP types from the best water storage tanks in UAE. As an undisputed leader in the plastic manufacturing industry, Polycom plastics specializes in the development and manufacturing of exceptional water and chemical tanks. We have diversified premium products in plastic tank service with different sizes and capacity. Delivering UAE approved GRP products and plastic tanks across the country, we aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction for our business development.