Are you remodeling your bathroom from scratch, or are there just a few things that you don’t like and want to upgrade?

Well, whatever it is!

All we know is that bathrooms and kitchens are important to both potential buyers and new homeowners, so choosing the right cabinetry and flooring can have a bigger impact on the value of your home than you might think. In addition to your bed, your bathroom vanity is usually the first piece of furniture you interact with in the morning.

So if it is not appealing and attractive, it can make you feel dull at the start of your day.

This is why you need a bathroom vanity that is the focal point of your bathroom. When choosing a vanity, you must consider the following points that will help you select the one that best fits your needs.

Tip 1 Make a Decision

The first thing you need to figure out is who will be using the bathroom vanity cabinet. This will influence your choice of vanity size, the number of sinks and drawers, counter space, and drawer knobs, pulls, and handles. Consider the type of bathroom remodel you want. Is it only for kids or a master bedroom? Plan everything and list the products that will be stored, such as towels, kids’ bubble baths, shampoo, and razors.

bathroom vanity cabinet

Tip 2 Find Plumbing Connections

Working with existing plumbing will limit your vanity options because it will most likely dictate where you place your vanity as well as the size of your vanity. Plumbing connections will also have an impact on the design of your vanity. Floor-mounted vanities can make use of standard plumbing layouts, while wall-mounted vanities will necessitate the relocation of your sink’s plumbing connections unless they are already in place.

Tip 3 Size of Vanity

Vanity cabinets come in a wide range of sizes, so be sure to choose one that will fit your room while still serving your needs. When choosing a “bathroom vanity near me,” you should know that there is not one particular “standard” size for a single or double vanity. The most popular sizes for single and double vanities are 36″ wide and 72″ wide, respectively. When buying a vanity for a kids’ bathroom, think about getting one that is smaller. Alternately, if your bathroom is small, think about a vanity that is not tall in terms of size.

Tip 4 Make the Use of Right Materials

Your vanity must be strong enough to endure spilled makeup, soap, water, and cleaning agents. Since it will be placed in an area where there are high humidity levels, you should think twice before buying bathroom vanities from the online store. Furthermore, choose materials that will retain their appearance while withstanding wear and strain.

The Takeaway

When it comes to picking up your final bathroom vanity cabinet, there are no poor decisions. Pick a vanity that you wish to use and will enjoy! If you require assistance, you can contact Willow Bath & Vanity! Our design experts can walk you through our design process and help you with all your bathroom needs.