Your door will serve as your first protective barrier in the case of a break-in attempt. The correct security doors will protect you while enhancing the look of your house and increasing its worth. To assist you in selecting the ideal doors for you and your house, we’ve put together this helpful guide.

Do you want to install security doors but are unsure where to begin? You could be uncertain about the available sorts, what would work best for your house, or how security screens can alter your house. Here are a few tips on choosing the best crimsafe doors Brisbane for your home:

  • Check Quality Certifications

Businesses may construct security doors in one of two ways: cheaply or well. Unfortunately, many companies make compromises only to lower their costs. When creating security doors, some vendors employ inferior materials, and these goods are known to lead to problems and troubles down the road.

Checking the certificates of your supplier will be your best option if you want to ensure that the security door you’re buying is constructed of high-quality materials. Certified security doors have undergone impact, anti-jemmy, knife shear, and fire testing and have been found to satisfy Australian Standards for quality and strength.

  • Choose the right frames

You may pick steel or aluminium for the screen door’s frame, giving you two options. According to industry specialists, steel offers the best security among all screen doors. In addition, if a steel door complies with the Australian Standard, corrosion is also prevented. Crimsafe security doors are made of stainless steel, making it sturdy even over time, which is a good thing.

  • Go for powder coated door for corrosion protection

Choosing a product that has been powder coated is preferable to purchasing a painted security door. A painted door is not heat-resistant, so you might have to spend more time keeping it because paint does not hold up well in the sun’s heat.

Manufacturers of security doors often powder coat the material after hot dip galvanising it. There are pros and drawbacks to this widespread practice. Although security doors with powder coating have anti-corrosive properties, this does not guarantee that the powder coating will remain intact for many years.

  • Choose weld-on hinges

The type of hinges used determines how smoothly the door operates. Although high-quality security doors feature pin hinges soldered to the fixing frame, you will discover that most security doors use wooden butt hinges. As the frame is attached to the wall, they provide strengthened strength.

  • Home aesthetics

Giving up on beautiful looks is unnecessary to secure your home. Your Crimsafe security door may still be positioned to complement your home’s overall design. Crimsafe has a sizable basic colour palette but also offers bespoke colours upon request. The security door’s frame’s powder-coated appearance enhances its elegance.

  • Best-quality handles and locks

One of the most crucial elements of effective security doors is the handles and locks. You should choose a company such as Security Screens QLD  that provides goods with locks created by reputable companies. Make sure the door you purchase has a solid guarantee if you are unsure about the brand’s quality.


Crimsafe security doors are reliable and add beautiful aesthetics to your home. Choosing one for your home can help you with a more secure and safe space for your loved ones. These tips shall help you in choosing the right one for your home.