In the marketing industry, new techniques and strategies are emerging every day. Brands that have an internet presence spend a significant portion of their budget on search engine optimization and will continue to invest for the future.

For brands, you have to start optimizing your web presence now, otherwise, you risk falling behind your competitors. If you have no knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and your company lacks marketing talent, you can outsource your SEO strategy to an agency.

What is an SEO agency?

The SEO agency is a digital agency specializing in techniques for optimizing the visibility and reputation of your company on search engines (like Google or Bing).

Why hire an SEO agency?

You may need to hire an SEO agency to answer these questions:

Does my site technically meet the requirements of the search engine?

How to modify my site without losing my current referencing?

What is the most suitable SEO strategy that I can put in place?

How to optimize my visibility and be 1 st on search engines?

There are more and more companies interested in natural referencing and the number of SEO service providers is increasing accordingly.

Unfortunately, the market is saturated, and choosing a competent specialist can be difficult. It is therefore important to know how to recognize the signs of quality and thus avoid choosing the wrong partner.

Common characteristics of poor SEO agencies

Choosing the wrong SEO partner can do a lot of damage to your business. We are going to review the signs that identify an unserious SEO agency.

1. Unattainable promises

You are looking for an SEO partner because you want to be present on the internet. An agency assures you that you can double your traffic in a few months. It’s attractive, but, in reality, it’s unlikely.

It’s a bad sign when a digital service provider promises to quickly rank your optimized website on the first page. SEO is a long-term process. You will be running a marathon here, not a sprint.

 It takes several months to see the effects, or even years, depending on the sector of your business. Nothing is impossible, but be aware that no SEO technique can guarantee that you will achieve exceptional results quickly or that you will maintain this progress for an extended period of time.

This is why; favor an SEO agency that is transparent with you, both in its actions and in its results.

2. A lack of interest in your business goals

The second sign to watch out for revolves around your trading goals. A competent agency will seek to understand the nature of your objectives and how SEO will help achieve them. In my opinion, a successful SEO campaign is an ROI campaign integrating your business objectives. Buy Quality Backlinks Canada.

Are you looking to generate leads, but your partner agency is only interested in traffic?

Although you want to improve your local presence, the strategy in place for you only focuses on rankings in general.

These types of misunderstandings can cause problems later. You may fail to understand the impact SEO can have on your business.

3. Poor website and weak content strategy

Before entrusting the referencing of your site to an agency, make sure that their digital strategy is up to scratch! If their website and content are ugly, outdated, irrelevant, or concerning in some way, that’s a sign that they’re not following their own advice.

Relevant agencies understand the importance of content relevance and user experience. Pay attention to these two elements. They can help identify a supplier who is not up to scratch.

Be sure to do a quick Google search to determine where the prospective partner ranks on key terms. Search for the following phrases: “SEO agency”, “SEO in [CITY NAME]” and any other related terms that come to mind. Take note of the agency’s ranking on each keyword. Does it appear among the first results? Does it appear on the first page?

4. Miscommunication


If the potential partner doesn’t seek to understand your goals, it’s likely they won’t be able to communicate effectively either. Test their communication skills through a variety of methods. Call, email. Pay attention to the response time and tone of responses. These signals can help you identify an agency that might not be a good fit for your team. In my experience, a company satisfied with these campaigns always ends up internalizing SEO skills through training and/or support. See more