Choose the Company:

How to choose the company to build a house? You will have to get very detailed estimates, including everything, including labor from different construction companies.

This task can also be carried out by the designer who, as a rule, already has a wide range of collaborators to propose and to whom he usually relies to give life to his projects.
Also pay attention to the company’s portfolio and the timing of the work, an important point in order to evaluate the overall management of the intervention.

Start the Work:

It is time for the construction site to be opened, for work to begin on your new home.

In this step the company with all its workers will have to work under the guidance and supervision of a professional, the construction manager who may very well be your architect.
This will have to verify the actual works and their compliance, i.e. check that everything is carried out as planned and as declared in the project.

Before starting the actual work it is good to be in good standing with the bureaucratic part and in particular:
send the Communication of Commencement of Works in common indicating the name of the Works Manager, the company and also attaching the structural project and the L10 report concerning the systems and energy containment of the building;
draw up the Safety Plan and appoint the safety coordinator during the execution phase;
send the Work Commencement Notice to the ASL and the Labor Inspectorate.

If you are not up to date with all the bureaucratic part, you will risk onerous penalties and the closure of the construction site.

Building a one or two Story House?

When you get ready to build a house you will not only have to choose the finishes, the internal distribution, the number of bathrooms, etc., but also decide whether to build it with one or more floors. Here are some tips to assemble bathroom

Let’s see this important distinction in detail.

  • Building house on one floor.
  • The one-story house offers significant advantages, for example.
  • Architectural barriers number one are eliminated, ie there are no stairs.
    in the event of subsequent works and renovations, the absence of stairs facilitates the work of craftsmen and bricklayers also in terms of transporting material and eliminating rubble.
  • You can easily create multiple entrances, one certainly main and perhaps another secondary that gives access to the garage or a studio.
  • Find out everything you need to know to build a one-story house by reading my dedicated post.

Building house on two floors:

The detached house distributed over two floors, can fall into the category of single-family, two-family or terraced houses and will be able to satisfy numerous requests and needs.

For example, it will be ideal for accommodating lifestyle and spatial changes inherent to the family nucleus, for example for the birth of a baby.

Surely building a two-story house will allow you to implement an easier and more versatile internal distribution beyond the size of the property.

This type of home, specifically, guarantees greater privacy, for example the bedrooms can be arranged on the upper floor and be quieter and less prone to disturbance.

It will also be possible to create a studio on the ground floor, in the semi-basement or basement, and with an independent entrance, however far from the spaces dedicated to the family, and so on. The only obstacle of the two-story house is the architectural barriers, the stairs.