A lighting tower is an equipment that provides a legitimate light source for performing activities or work in dark or poorly lit surroundings.

In this blog, we will discuss with you the working of LED Light Towers and what things to consider while selecting the one perfect for your job.

So, How do lighting towers work?

LED Light Towers come in two modes: Mobile and Stationary and are designed to provide a reliable and robust source of light to facilitate uninterrupted night-time workings. These are also quite suitable to be used in poorly lit areas during the day.

The towers mainly consist of electric lamps, a mast, a lifting system, a fuel engine, and rechargeable battery packs.

Areas that use the LED Lighting Tower

Lighting Towers find massive demand in areas where you need to improve visibility and safety while simultaneously reducing the shadows. Some common areas that utilise LED Lights are

  • Construction sites.
  • Mining and oil drilling – including remote areas with rugged conditions.
  • Civil works such as road or tunnel works or rail repair.
  • Trade workers after-hours or in poorly lit areas.
  • Airport lighting.
  • Night-time electrical work.
  • Sports Grounds
  • Outdoor entertainment venues.
  • Military bases for night-time training.
  • Emergency services work like search and rescue

Factors to help you choose the perfect Lighting Tower

Brightness and light coverage: light coverage is the diameter over which the light spreads.

This area is measured in square meters, and the typical range is from 2000 sqm to 8000 sqm.

With the coverage, you should also pay attention to the illumination it provides, which is measured in lumens. 

Typically the illuminating capacity of LED towers ranges from 75000 to 250000 lumen.

Fuel efficiency and environment compatibility:

When using a lightning tower that operates on a generator, it is imperative to check fuel efficiency.

You can measure the efficiency by knowing the running hours of a full fuel tank.

LED towers are more efficient and cost-effective when compared to traditional lamp-style lighting towers and are also more eco-friendly because of the lower amount of gaseous emissions.


Irrespective of your choice for a mobile or stationary tower, you must check for the device’s mobility. The device must be portable for safe and efficient delivery on the site.

Also, ask the dealer about measures to protect the various parts during the commute.

An alternative source of power:

Lighting towers can be connected to the grid or powered by their own engine. 

Some models can be used as a generator power source themselves, meaning you can have two pieces of equipment in one unit.

Automation features:

Some towers have a feature to automatically switch on at a preset time. If you have any such requirements, you can opt for them.

Durability and build quality:

LED Towers are primarily used in rugged terrains and outdoor conditions. Before purchasing, ensure that they come in non-corrosive materials and are built to last. 


LED Light Towers are pretty valuable for many industries, but one needs to be cautious about the factors above before purchasing them to get the best deal.

Source: How to Choose the Right LED Tower!