For Manufacturing and Industrial Businesses, choosing the Right Transformer is essential. To operate the operations for a long time in a high-quality and scheduled way.

Choose the Right Transformer for Your Business

In the Market, varieties of transformers are available in attractive deals and offers. With the wrong selection, it is easy to waste money and time. As they will not meet your day-to-day needs.

To find the right transformer for your business needs, there are 5 major factors includes:

1.   Location 

Before going to purchase a transformer, plan where it will be installed. Either within the facility, remote location, or near the seashore. Particular location demands specifications for the transformer to perform efficiently. For example: 

● In case a transformer is kept in outdoor areas, a protective shield is required to safeguard the model from varieties of climate changes.

● In the case of the coastal location, specialized equipment is required to protect against the risk of corrosion. It may be higher when high salinity levels are in the air. In these environments, the corrosion-resistant coating is important.

Simply, make sure of the appropriate location. While demanding from the transformer manufacturer, you get a matched transformer to your choice of location.

2. Function 

If you are purchasing anything, the need or want rises to use that thing. It is the same with transformers and Business. Determine that need or want to use transformers in Business.

Let’s say, in an oil and gas facility, Transformer is used for drilling, extracting, pumping, refining, and handling other offshore processes. Even for simple processes, such as Domestic power facilities they have value. Then, it is highly required for complex heavy-duty applications for smooth functions.

3. Level of phase

The level of phase depends on the level of application. With them, you can go for Single or three-phase transformers. If you go for a Single phase transformer, you need to specify the input and output voltage requirements as well as the power rating in the volt-ampere.

Therefore, If you go for a three-phase transformers, they are ideal for powering heavy-duty applications. This means their usage in industrial settings. With the installation, you need to specify the wiring and the configuration. The desired combo of three windings is known as the Wiring configuration of three-phase transformers. Suman Electrical is the best transformer supplier in Ghaziabad as well as all over India. You can book online for the best service.

4. Voltage 

There are two types of Voltage specifications – input and output. You need to specify them as per the business demand. The Input Voltage defines the voltage of the power supply source. While the output voltage defines the voltage requirement of the transformer per specific function.

It becomes very essential to consider the high load requirement of the transformer while specifying the output voltage. This requirement for high voltage supply can rise at any time. It can’t be calculated or has an average base for day-to-day usage.

So, you have to be prepared with a maximum voltage requirement to avoid cases such as sudden surge which takes place in general industrial settings.

5. Frequency 

The transformer input frequency determines the power source frequency. If you want to determine output frequency, when you are using imported equipment, a frequency converter is required to attach to the transformer output.

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