Consumer Reports estimates that dryers contribute to about 7,000 home fires each year. Dryer vents and lint traps loaded with build-up can be a fire hazard. Clogged dryer vents lead to house fires. Regular dryer vent cleaning prevents fires and keeps it running smoothly. Moreover, dryer vent maintenance provides your home with efficiency and safety. Your clothes will dry faster and stay lint-free. Dryers should be cleaned twice a year using a DIY approach or calling professionals for dryer vent cleaning in Sacramento.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Here are the steps to clean a dryer vent

1. Locate the vent

The first step begins with locating the dryer vent. Dryers are usually connected to a short, 4-inch diameter exhaust pipe connecting to ductwork inside a wall. Once you’ve identified your outdoor dryer exhaust vent, take a peek inside and look for any debris, including dust, lint, or even dead bugs. Wash the screens and clear out noticeable obstructions.

2. Disconnect your dryer

Remove metal clamps or tape holding the exhaust pipe of your dryer to the vent pipe. If your dryer is a gas model, cut off the gas supply line’s shut-off valve before disconnecting and capping the supply line pipe. When unplugging the power from the dryer, take extreme caution to avoid disturbing the gas line. Consult with an expert if you are not confident about the process.

3. Clean the lint

Use the hose attachment of a vacuum cleaner to remove any lint in or near the hole. Poke it inside the dryer exhaust duct and vacuum out lint and debris. You can also use a dryer’s cleaning brush to remove debris from the pipe’s two ends. Circularly move the brush back and forth through the dryer opening, wall piping, and disconnected vent pipe.

4. Clean the exterior vent

Locate the exterior vent. Remove the vent cover from the exterior of your home. Remove any dust from the ductwork with your dryer cleaning brush, and then use a hose-end vacuum to remove any leftover debris. When finished, replace the vent cover.

5. Reconnect the dryer

Reconnect the ventilation pipe to the back of your device after clearing away the remaining debris or lint. Once everything is in place, connect the power source and, if necessary, turn the gas valve back on and let the machine air-dry for about 20 minutes while it is empty. Verify the vent outside to see if it is blowing air and any remaining lint.


The U.S. Fire Administration states that dirty dryer vents contribute to the common cause of domestic dryer fires. The secret to keeping your dryer vent clean lies in the regular maintenance of the lint trap. Make sure to scrape dryer lint from it every time you use the dryer while doing laundry, especially if you use dryer sheets. It will help you maintain a clean dryer vent. As a result, the appliance will run smoothly, improving the drying time and minimizing the risk of house fires.