While working as a real estate agent, a significant part of your job is pitching to new clients. Now, the good thing here is that it has become quite easy to find people in the contemporary digital age. Also, there is a greater possibility that everyone you find turns out to be a potential lead in the long run. Since every individual need shelter, it can become your specialty while working as a real estate agent.

However, the bad news here is that, while being easy to find, people are not often receptive. If you want to land a new client, you will be supposed to win their trust first. Now, the question here is, how can a client trust you when they don’t even know you exist?

That’s where you a real estate sales professional can take the help of cold emailing. With the help of cold emails, real estate agents can effectively introduce themselves, draw parallels between the needs of their potential clients and their skill set, highlight their success, and get their foot in the door for getting future contacts. A win-win situation for sure.

However, to be effective, real estate agents have to follow certain rules while cold emailing their potential clients. Here we have stacked up a few tips that can very helpful in generating clients through email.

Create a List of Email Addresses

The very first step of cold emailing as a real estate professional is to make a list of email addresses of all of the potential leads. Here, the real estate agent has to be very careful with the entire process of gathering email addresses.

Notably, there are some individuals that would buy dead or bad leads from a source that is not even close to being reputable. As a consequence, they detail immediately and fail at cold emailing after sending emails to these dead or bad email addresses.

Indeed, they lose twice. Firstly, they waste a great deal of their time as these “leads” don’t even exist anymore. Secondly, cold emailing to dead or bad emails can lead them to be labeled as a spammer. This also has an adverse impact on the emails that they send to long-standing or legitimate leads.

Moreover, if the real estate agent gets identified by an email service as a spammer, the email service will redirect all their emails to a spam folder. Consequently, the emails will never be able to reach the recipient, which will hinder with generating potential leads.

Basic Rules

The real estate industry requires gents to follow certain rules while cold emailing their potential clients.

  • Always allow the email recipients to have various ways to choose from the marketing emails. This option should be present in every email one sends to potential leads. Often, this option to opt out is given at the bottom of the email.
  • Immediately remove the individuals that unsubscribe themselves from the email list. A real estate agent can take up to ten days to get rid of the ones who unsubscribe.
  • Don’t’ be misleading or cute while sending a cold email. The content of the emails should always be identified as an advertisement for the services.