Metal prints are an art installation with a sleek modern, contemporary industrial, high-definition appearance. The best metal prints printed with metals are made on aluminum with a white coating that makes the colors printed on the print more vibrant. These stunning pieces are perfect for decorating your home or giving a gift to the person you love. Metal prints are impervious to fade, moisture and scratching. They are ideal elements for a modern wall art print that can hang inside or out of your home.

Benefits of Metal Prints

  • Metal prints that turn heads will be an excellent opportunity to display your most memorable images in vibrant colors.
  • Metal prints can be robust, scratch-resistant, and water-proof, which makes them the ideal piece to hang anywhere.
  • Printing your photos on the metal surface will give your image a strikingly modern, industrial look on your walls.
  • They don’t require frames.
  • Ultra-modern metal prints will make a statement on your wall artwork and are a perfect way to display the photos you have customized.
  • Pick from various designs and backgrounds and personalize the text to make your wall artwork unique.
  • Installation is accessible by using a convenient hanger attached to the back of the piece, making mounting these photos easy and quick.

Steps to create Metal Prints                            

  1. Select a photo that you’ll treasure for the years to follow.
  2. Choose a layout or template most compatible with the images you’d like to print.
  3. Make your metal print. This is the perfect time to let your imagination shine out. When arranging your pictures, it is best to think of different ways for the best design layout. At this point, you may also choose a matte or glossy finish on your photos printed.
  4. After customizing your metal art, you only need to place it in the cart and look through other Shutterfly wall art options.

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