With Christmas just around the corner, every space of the house has to be festive. From finding the ornaments for the Christmas tree to decorating every nook with maximalist masterpieces, you have to do it all and do it right.

The staircase is the perfect spot to make a statement this holiday season. It’s the focal point of your house and offers enough space to hang garlands and other shiny accessories. Stairway décor can coincide with the overall Christmas theme in your home, or you can choose a theme of its own. It gives you the freedom to get creative and experiment with different styles.

Whether you prefer a vintage vibe or something contemporary, we have listed the best staircase decoration ideas for Christmas.


Get Creative with Your Garland

If you’ve been putting up the classic garland on your staircase all these years, it’s time to get creative. Add a lot of ribbons, ornaments, tiny elves, glitter stems, green and red flowers, and some other colorful elements. If you prefer minimalist decorations, adding a decorated garland alone would be enough to get festive vibes.


Jingle All the Way!

No Christmas decoration is complete without jingle bells. You can add a few bells to your staircase’s end for a multisensory experience. Each time someone goes up or down the stairs, it will fill your home with sweet chimes.


Festive Fruits and Wreaths

Festive fruits and wreaths make a perfect pair to amp up your Christmas decoration.

Instead of relying on ornaments, you can incorporate festive fruits into your Christmas decoration. Seasonal fruits like dried oranges, apples, pears, and other citrus fruits not only add visual aesthetics but also makes your home smell great. It can be a great DIY activity for your family, or you can get ready-to-hang garlands with dried fruits.

Wreaths aren’t limited to doors and walls; they go with everything. You can hang several festive wreaths across the railing to elevate the overall look. If you have a small staircase, you can add a single decorated wreath at the bottom of the stairs with other decorations like velvet ribbon bows and bells.


Drape Your Banisters with Garlands

Drape your glass banister with a lush garland strand for a statement-making staircase. If your stair railing has frameless glass, adding loose foliage will give it dimension. You can layer the foliage with different textures, bells, lights, and other festive ornaments, or keep it simple.

For an over-the-top design, consider using natural evergreens. They look stunning when draped loosely over the stair railings and add a nostalgic scent to the house. Evergreens look great on their own but you can also add dried oranges, bows, and ornaments.


Add Vintage Postcards

If you want a more vintage look, consider hanging snail mail, postcards, and Christmas cards with clothespins over your garland. They add a sentimental touch to your décor while elevating the aesthetics. Add some plaid stockings for the ultimate nostalgic vibes.


Go Neutral

If you’re a neutral décor kinda person, you can still do a festive decoration without having to incorporate all the reds and greens.

Stair glass railings offer a clean and minimal backdrop, perfect for neutral-colored decorations. Add snow-dusted garland, white wreaths and roses, and lots of string lights. Get ornaments in shades of ivory, and beige, with some hints of blue. Metallics like champagne, brass, and copper work well and add tie in the whole festive look brilliantly.

Despite many people finding neutral colors lifeless and sterile, with some creative touches, you can create the coziest staircase for Christmas.

Cozy Candles

Candles instantly make any space look cozy. You can add them to each step of the staircase or group different-sized candles at the base. Consider placing candles into glass holders for a better ambiance. Make sure you’re using battery-powered candles instead of real ones to prevent fire hazards.


Christmas ornaments


Tree Ornaments

For a last-minute decoration, use your tree ornaments as stair railing décor. You can hang globes, stars, ribbon bows, snowflakes, pine cones, etc., on garlands and drape them over the stairs.


Leave the Banister Empty

A tightly wound garland around the banister is overdone; why not try something new by leaving it empty and focusing on the base? Adding a festive garland to the base of the stairs will bring some wows and gasps because it’s unexpected. It will also give a contemporary look to your overall home, without looking stuffy. To decorate the garland, you can hang some lights and small ornaments.


Mix Fresh and Faux Foliage

Maintaining fresh foliage can be difficult, but nothing beats the fresh scent of pine and cedar during Christmas. Consider mixing fresh garland with a faux one to add more volume to your decorations. You can create a base of faux garland and add some fresh foliage on top. Don’t worry if the fresh greens start to dry, they will still give a stunning aesthetic appeal with a perfect warm scent.


Add Magnolia Leaf Garland

Magnolia leaf garland is another great option for minimalists out there. They feature natural two-toned leaves with warm hues, perfect for a classic yet subtle holiday display.


Add Some Softness with Stockings

Who said stockings are only for the fireplace mantel? Add them to the stairs for a whimsical décor. Pair white furry stockings with the festive palette of greens and red.


Fireplace decorated with lights and stockings


Don’t Forget the Stair Nooks

Stair nooks are the perfect cozy spaces to add oomph to your Christmas decoration. Add lights, a small plush rug, and other ornaments to warm up the area. If you have kids, you can add toys and gifts to surprise them on Christmas morning.


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