Ever wanted to download videos from Facebook to your computer in March 2022?

Here’s a quick and simple guide on how to accomplish this without the necessity of downloading any other software.

Note that you should abide by Facebook’s terms and conditions and that this is a tutorial only to help you learn.

I’m going to show you three ways:

  1. Utilizing the ByClick Downloader
  2. Using FBdown.net (a bit more simple)
  3. Using Your browser (i.e. Chrome)

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  1. How to download videos from Facebook using ByClickDownloader.com

A great option to download videos from Facebook is via ByClick Downloader which allows you to backup your videos from other platforms. ByClick downloader lets you download private videos via Facebook. You can easily install it here. Follow these steps to download videos:

  • Open ByClick Downloader
  • Enter with your web browser on the public Facebook video you’d like to download.
  • Click on the small pop-up window which appears in the bottom right edge of your screen.
  • If your video’s content is private ByClick Downloader asks for your Facebook credentials. Enter your Facebook credentials and click Download.

The downloads that ByClickDownloader makes are saved in the ‘My folder which is the default location (c:\users\user name\Music). In the video download line you can see the location the video has been downloaded.

  1. How to save videos downloaded from Facebook by using FBdown.net
  1. Click on the link with the video that you would like to download.
  2. Right-click the video and choose “Copy URL of the video at current time”
  3. Go to FbDown.net
  4. Copy the link to your computer and select the type of download you want.
  5. Finally, right click on the video and select “Save the video as”
  6. Give your video a name that is exciting or funny (or boring), and hit enter.

These Google Chrome instructions are very similar to those to use for Edge, Internet Explorer (you are still using that? ), Opera and Firefox.

If you’re having trouble using FBDown, you can also test the Facebook video downloader, which permits downloading both private and public video with just your web-browser.

If you’re interested to know more, this exercise is from one the startups from my incubator for tech in Bolivia 6BLabs. The product is called OloTouch it allows you to convert any regular surface into a touch-sensitive surface using projection.

I highly suggest that you look over their test video where the founder plays with a wall. (They are raising seed round, so hit me on Linkedin If you are interested).

  1. How do you download Facebook videos directly to your laptop, without using any app or service

(Note that the instructions below are for Chrome but are very similar to other browsers). More on Inflact.