If you’re wondering how to download TikTok background music and sound, you’re not alone. You can use the Lesfm website to download free songs and sounds for your videos. However, be sure to credit the music owner when using it in your videos. The good news is that you can even record your own sound or music and upload it to LesFM. Read on to learn more.

Uploading custom sounds

Uploading your own custom sounds to download tiktok background audio is an excellent way to differentiate yourself from others. Most TikTok users prefer to use royalty-free music. If you have any doubts about the legality of this process, read on to learn more. After uploading your own custom sound, you will need to make sure that the music is free from copyright. Listed below are the steps to follow.

Getting 60 second songs

Having trouble finding 60-second songs for your TikTok videos? Don’t worry, there are solutions! You can use third-party apps to get the music you need. With these apps, you can upload multiple songs on one video and save them as favorites. You can also edit your videos with a third-party app, which allows you to merge multiple songs into one. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Getting royalty-free music

Adding a unique background music and sound to your TikTok videos is vital for capturing the attention of TikTokers, who tend to recall brands with memorable songs. In fact, 68 percent of TikTokers will remember a brand better if the video includes the song. In addition, adding music is important for all TikTok content creators. There are a few options for getting custom music and sound for your TikTok videos. You can find royalty-free music and sound from a company such as KARM, MassiveMusic, or The Elements Music. Other independent music libraries for TikTok videos include SongTradr, UnitedMasters, and Epidemic Sound.

Getting 60 second songs from LesFM

There are two methods for getting 60 second songs from LesFM. One of these methods involves using the creative commons license for free music, which allows you to use the songs for commercial purposes. If you want to use the songs for commercial purposes, you should include a credit and link to the artist in your profile and project description. You can find these requirements on the song pages. Another method is to purchase a commercial license for a certain song.

Getting 60 second songs from Artlist

Getting 60 second songs from Artlist is easy! You can upload a short clip and Artlist will search its catalog for matches. You can even experiment with computer vision and semantic search to find similar videos. Artlist could ingest video clips so the music matches the mood of your clip. It sounds simple, but there’s a catch: you must contact the label manager of the song you want to license.

Getting 60 second songs from BeeCut

Getting 60 second songs from BeeCut is as easy as downloading the app to your mobile device or computer. BeeCut is a video editing program for Windows, Mac and iOS devices. It can also be used on Android devices. You can also download the app to your desktop to edit videos. Once you’ve imported your video, you can trim it to your desired length. Press the “Check” icon to confirm your change. You can then play the video to preview your edit, export it, or upload it to TikTok.

Using Kapwing

Using Kapwing to download tiktak background music and sound is easy. Its online converter lets you convert any file from any source into an MP3 file. You can even edit the file right on your phone. Its AI-enabled features improve the user experience and speed up the process. It offers both a free and paid version. Using the paid version allows you to use the premium features of the app.


SnapTik is an app that can be used to download TikTok background music or sound. If you want to use Snap TikTok MP3 follow the below steps.

  • Select TikTok Video
  • Copy Link of the video
  • Paste it in the SnapTik MP3 downloader
  • Hit download button
  • Bam..! it is done.