The most affordable mode of transportation in India is the railways and being a railway travel partner of over 10 million+ users, Trainman understands how important it is for you to travel. We have become an IRCTC-authorized partner in order to provide more convenience in your train ticket booking experience. Users can book their IRCTC train tickets at their convenience using our website or mobile app. All you need to do is visit our website or download our application to make your train ticket booking with Trainman.

Ever since online train ticket booking started, travelling across the country has become easier. People can visit almost any part of the country at an affordable price. There are several advantages for train ticket booking like travelling at low cost, speed, and a convenient journey. Whether you are planning to visit your hometown, a journey in the mountains during your vacation, or any random place, the train is the best mode of transportation. At Trainman, you can multiple trains for your route, timings, fares, and seats. If you want to save money on your railway ticket, download Trainman and get notified of all the latest offers on train ticket booking.

The days of booking the train ticket with the station window are now a thing of the past. People nowadays use Trainman to easily book train tickets online. It’s fast, convenient, and saves a lot of time if you live away from the train station.

Easily Book Train Ticket Online

With Trainman offering you an opportunity to easily book train tickets online, you don’t need to stand and wait for hours in those queues. It is very simple to book train ticket online using Trainman. All you need is to have the details of the passenger and IRCTC login Id, and you are all set.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to booking train tickets online using the Trainman website or App:

  1. Search for trainman on playstore for Trainman App or Visit: www.trainman.in
  2. Also available on the IOS app store.
  3. Enter the journey details, i.e the journey originating station name and journey destination station name.
  4. Enter the date you wish to travel on, and click on the “Book Ticket” button.
  5. In the newly opened window, you will a list of available trains, seat availability in different classes, and fare details.
  6. After selecting the train and class, click on the “Book” button.
  7. Here, you will be asked to create or login into your Trainman account using your phone number. (If you have not already logged in)
  8. After logging in, you’ll be redirected to the previous page, from there, you will need to reselect the train and click on the book button.
  9. Then a new window will appear, here, you will need to enter the passenger details, and click proceed.
    (Trainman tip: Once you enter the details of a passenger, it will be saved in our system, unless deleted. So when you next time books a ticket with us, you will not have to enter the details for the same passenger again.)
  10. On this page, you will be asked for your basic contact details and your IRCTC login id. Enter the required details and then click on the “Book Ticket” button.
  11. Now, you need to make the payment. Use the UPI mode to make your payment instantly. (Trainman Tip: To make your train ticket more affordable than other apps you can use cash from your TM wallet while making the payment. You can thank us later!)
  12. After the successful payment, you will be directed to a page that will ask you to enter your IRCTC password for the login id you entered on the previous page. And click on submit.
  13. You are all set. The PNR number for your journey will be generated.

The process to easily book train ticket online is almost the same for both website and the Trainman app. Once the ticket is booked, you can enjoy your journey by boarding the train from your opted boarding station.

Important Documents for a Train Journey

Once your railway ticket booking is confirmed with Trainman, you need to carry a government-recognized ID card while travelling on the train. This will help you at the time when the train ticket examiner comes and ask you to show your booked railway ticket and id card. You can carry any of these documents:

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. Voter ID Card
  3. PAN Card
  4. Passport
  5. Driving License
  6. Bank passbook that was your photograph.
  7. Student ID card with photograph, issued by recognized school/college

Apart from this, you can also get to check live station status, live train status, PNR status, 24/7 customer service, IRCTC train food booking within the Trainman App, and Instant cancellation and refunds, when you book train tickets through our app or website. Not to mention the money you will save by booking through our user-friendly portal and using TM cash as a partial payment amount. When you are booking train tickets for your route, you can also apply filters to search and book train ticket instantly. You will get a filtered list of trains for your route from which you can choose as per your preferred filter i.e. train type, seat type, category type, quota, etc.

As you all know, anyone can book a train ticket prior to 120 days of the desired travelling, you can do the same on the Trainman app and website as well. Also, there is good news related to ticket booking. Now, a user whose Aadhaar is not linked with their IRCTC Id can book a maximum of 12 tickets in a month, which was 6 previously.

Final Words

With Trainman, you can book train tickets online under different types of quotas provided by Indian Railways, i.e ladies quota, tatkal booking, general booking, senior citizen booking, etc.

As you can see, booking train tickets was never been so easy and affordable. So what are you waiting for? Plan your vacations, sign up and book train tickets online with Trainman. Happy Travelling!