India has always been an important nation in the world. Its economy, geography and innovative ideas have always kept it at the center of world affairs. However, India is not amongst the most prosperous nations of the world. Owning a car is still a luxury in India and we love to show our cars off. The importance we attach to our cars makes it difficult for us to trust other with the car relocation when shifting cities. You do not have anything to fear, for we are here with tips how to ensure safe car shifting through professional car carrier services in India. 

Driving your car thousands of kilometers to its new destination is not recommended by us. We are of the view that you should hire the professionals to execute car carrier services for you. It is safer, economical, and gives you fewer sleepless nights. Follow our lead, use the following tips to make sure you get a safe car transport service. All these points are a must and you should not choose and pick from these. Make sure to follow each and every one of these tips to ensure a hassle free car shifting experience

Hire the best car transportation company

You get the best teacher for your kids, the best doctor for their health and the finest tailor for your clothes. Then why hire a less than optimal car company for the transportation of your car? Make sure you hire the best car transportation company. Getting the best car transport service in India is not that difficult. Spend some time researching the car transporter services and you will hit the jackpot sooner than later. You can take the help of third party online directories that connect customers and service providers. These online directories work like banks whose primary objective is to connect the borrowers and savers.

Prepare your vehicle for the moving procedure

Finding the best car carrier Service India is just half the work done. You have to do be prepared with the car so that everything is smooth. First thing that you should do is remove any valuables from your car. Only your car is insured under the transit insurance and nothing that you keep inside it. Also, you should make sure to wash your car so that all the dents and scratches are visible. This will ensure to highlight any damage done during the transportation. Make sure to remove documents from your car as well. It can be very chaotic to get the second copy of government documents once you have lost those.

Remove accessories from the car

While you should not keep valuables inside your car, you should also remove any accessories that you have fitted in your car. After market accessories are gain not covered under the insurance and thus should be removed before handing over car with carrier.

Ask transporters about their charges and modes of payment

You and your near car service station should be on the same page regarding charges. Some car carrier in Delhi hides charges from the customers until it is too late for the customer to pull out of the deal. So, it is better to ask for all sorts of charges beforehand. Also, you should let the car carrier near me know which mode of payment you are comfortable with. Being clear about the amount payable and the mode of payment will make sure there no last minute surprises for you. Last minute surprises often are against the interests of the customers.

Cars are not just a mode of transportation for us. We have a lot of memories attached to our cars. From long trips to our daily commute, our cars have been with us for long. Thus, you should opt for the best car carrier in Gurgaon and other cities. The same is true about bike transportation. You can get car and bike transportation by train or via trucks. Trains are cheaper while trucks are safer. It is due to the fact that your car is mishandled when transporting via trains. Make an informed decision and come back to let us know how it went. We would love to hear about your experience.