Call boy jobs in your city pay the highest salary. Because we are the oldest call boy service provider, you can also make this a professional job.

What is Call boy jobs

We are now hiring new candidates for the call boy jobs, and we offer this service in almost all Indian cities. You must register on our website if you’re interested in working as a call boy in your city.

Because our clients are so well-known, we are sure to find an attractive person, so make sure you are an educated person who is also a good-looking boy. Only you will have the opportunity to perform call boy service.

Callboy meaning

A call boy meaning is, a kind of person who works to give service to desired clients (Women) in terms of mental and physical satisfaction.

Best Call boy service providers in India

Nearly all major cities are covered by our call boy service. We are available both offline and online. For offline call boy jobs, you need to contact our local agent in your city; you will find the agent’s number on our website.

Call boy salary- how much can you earn

  • Do you have any idea how much a call boy salary could be? You can earn up to 20 to 30 k per month. It depends on your service time. More service time is equal to more money.
  • You will get a minimum of 4 to 10 clients per month.
  • Workplace: You could have met clients in hotels or at their offices.

Is Indian call boy have good stamina?

Our services are growing in many cities very quickly. As we provide our best Indian call boy for service, our clients are always happy with the call boy. As our clients’ demand grows, we will require more call boys to join our team.

How to get callboy job free

Sorry, but you will never get a call boy job free; someone may offer you a free job, but he will dupe you; don’t go for free things or you will be disappointed. We are the best and most genuine call boy service provider in India. You can visit to apply.

How to find callboy

You can get call Boy full information at Just visit our site and sign up there by giving your basic information. Then you’re ready to call our call boy and meet any callboy at your location.

Call boy in Delhi 

We are the largest and most well-known call boy in Delhi. You may always get a desired male companion in any area of Delhi. Delhi call boy are available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, and any single or upper-class lady can contact them to meet for fun and fantasy.

Where do you find a Call boy number?

These things are very private for our employee (call boy) to share number publicly in website. So if you need our call boy number, you should first register online.

The process of call boy job apply

If you want to work as a call boy, you’ve come to the right place. I explained below some steps for the new joining process. You can call boy job apply here.

  • To sign up to work as a call boy job in Delhi, use the JOIN NOW option.
  • Fill out the registration form completely.
  • By clicking the Email verification link, you can confirm your profile.
  • At least 5–6 photographs should be included in your profile.
  • For verification, get in touch with our representative and provide your ID card (Aadhar, voter id, passport, or DL).
  • Choose your bundle and submit your registration payment.
  • Clients can view your profile and contact information once we have activated it.
  • For any support, get in touch with one of our agents.
  • Get paid after meeting the client.

Important Section:

You can earn a good salary by doing call boy jobs, and it’s a real profession. Therefore, log in right away to start earning money within the next 24 hours. There are many attractive women here for you to charm.


  1. How can I join or apply for a call boy job?
    As you can see from the preceding paragraph, I already mentioned getting a call boy job.
  2. How much salary could I make by doing a call boy job?
    You can make 20k to 30k average.
  3. How to find a call boy number
    You can find call boy number at; you need to sign up for this action.
  4. Can I join call boy job free?
    No, you have to pay a registration fee; it depends on how many months you want at a time.