Finding convenient living options in a city distant from your home in a less time-consuming manner through online help comes in handy all the time. Is not at all a bad idea. Isn’t it? The great news is that there are global student accommodation providers who can assist you with an appropriate search for viable accommodations. But to add to it, an accommodation hunt can be done in the most stress-free manner. For this, proper planning is a necessity.

The first and foremost thing to concentrate on is to not panic and leave things to the last minute. There are a lot of online resources and websites that cater to accommodations in Edinburgh in areas nearby universities, public transport, hangout zones, city attractions, and other important places like hospitals and ATMs. 

Find student accommodations near Prestigious Universities

Home to the University of Edinburgh, with over 40,000 student enrollments annually, Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and should be a component of 1 of its 32 council areas. With an outsized number of scholars willing to settle down within the city and in student accommodation like Potterrow Edinburgh, looking for this accommodation becomes the foremost important concern.

Get a stay within close proximity to Public Transport in Edinburgh

International students should consider the availability of public transport services. There are purpose-built student accommodations that provide access to public buses, light rail, and train stations in the vicinity. There are networks of buses operating within the city, the suburban areas, and thus the neighboring cities outside Edinburgh. Students can look for accommodation within the town center area which will keep them on the brink of Princes Street Gardens which is known for servicing 14 million passengers through regular services once a year. The A8 highroad opens up the main international gateway to Edinburgh city.  Edinburgh Airport is also just 8 miles (13 km) to the west of the city center. Another cost-effective way is to cycle and commute to the universities which will give a bit of a workout. In short, these accommodations are on the brink of bus stops, train stations, airports, and thus the unique cycling routes within the town.

Look for Purpose Built Student Accommodations Edinburgh

Students pursuing higher degrees can stay rest assured of the availability of student accommodations with some well-known within the list of quality student accommodations for university students. As a newly designed student accommodation, Arran house Edinburgh is one of the foremost preferred accommodations. The University of Edinburgh is only a 26-minute bus ride away thus, making it convenient for students to head to their university campus in a jiffy. The student spaces available are temperature controlled to provide a cozy environment when it is chilling outside or a cool temperature during hot weather. With such close proximity to universities, this student accommodation could even be a budget-friendly living option for university students.


For those who love a little bit of seclusion or privacy of having their own space can choose to stay in one or two-bedroom apartments that are mostly en-suite washrooms and have a shared kitchenette equipped with modern appliances to make cooking a breeze. The rooms are fully-furnished having a double bed, storage spaces, wardrobe, pinboard, and unlimited Wi-Fi. Students residing in Potterrow Edinburgh or in other properties are often sure of staying within the middle of all action mainly because of its central location. Such accommodations also give ample opportunities to socialize with fellow residents who stay and share the common areas like the kitchen, dining area, lounge area, or TV rooms.

In most accommodations, there are spaces like indoor gaming rooms, lounge rooms with TV, study rooms, and cinema rooms, where student residents can interact and make new friends. The shared accommodation provides ample scope for socializing and networking and thus the residents can share the kitchen and lounge area. The studio room variants also offer the utmost level of privacy with ensuite washrooms, a private kitchen with modular designs, and also dining and living room.

These aforementioned features of the city of Edinburgh and nearby accommodations like Arran House Edinburgh, make living within the region a breeze for university students, making the foremost of their academic life within the town and living in affordable student accommodation in Edinburgh mentioned as PBSAs in common.

PBSAs like Potterrow Edinburgh are student-specific to meet the daily needs of students that are well planned with ample storage space, spacious double beds, bedside tables, under-bed storage (optional), and rooms can be both ensuite or with a shared washroom. Washrooms are fully fitted with a toilet and shower area. Some of them also offer bathtubs. The accommodation also provides additional amenities like a communal TV room, cinema room, lounge area, indoor games area, outdoor courtyard, barbeque, swimming pool, gym, laundry room or washer or dryer room, lockers, parcel collection, onsite support staff, and other security features like a fire alarm, CCTV, and secure door entry.