QuickBooks error TD 500 is often with an error message stating “There was a problem with your update”. This error usually appears when the user tries to process a credit card in QuickBooks desktop. It usually happens if the users have more than one version of QuickBooks desktop on the system. Today, we will be talking about the process to fix this issue in order to take payments again and get back to business. However, if you feel the error to be too technical for you, then let our QuickBooks support team handle the situation for you. Call us at our toll-free customer support number +1(844)405-0907, and we will guide you through the best process to get rid of this issue successfully.

Steps to fix the error

The user needs to update all the versions of QuickBooks and then install the repair file. This process involves a few steps listed below:

  • Initially, the user needs to note the version of QuickBooks being used. This can be done by pressing F2
  • And then, close QuickBooks. However, if you use more than one version ensure that you close all of them.

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Finding out the versions of QuickBooks

  • In order to find out the versions you have of QuickBooks, make sure to select windows start icon
  • And then move to the letter Q
  • After that, choose the down arrow for the QuickBooks folder. The user will be able to see all the versions of QuickBooks being installed

Installing QuickBooks updates and repair file

  • For this, the user needs to open each version ensure that QuickBooks is up to date. The user can perform this by selecting Help>Update QuickBooks
  • Now, ensure that QuickBooks up to date
  • After that download the repair file and save it where it can be accessed easily
  • Followed by double clicking the file to unzip it
  • The user will then have to right click Quickbooks_fix_tdtool.bat and choose run as admin
  • Also, once done, open the version of QuickBooks that had the issue. Also, follow any instructions you see
  • The last step is to process your customer’s payment like you normally do

Towards the end of this post, we expect that the above-mentioned steps might be enough to fix the QuickBooks error TD500. However, if the error continues to trouble you, then in that case, do not hesitate in giving us a call at +1(844)405-0907. Our QuickBooks support team will ensure to provide immediate support.