If you are looking to earn some extra cash during the festive season, try using Google Pay. The app has launched a new feature called Rangoli Stamps. The idea is to reward people with Rs. 251 for collecting all five stamps. In addition, if you transfer money to a friend’s bank account, you can earn Rs. 100 rupee prize if you manage to collect all five stamps.

In order to receive the Rangoli stamp, you must purchase an item worth at least Rs35. If you make a purchase of Rs150 or more, you can also get a stamp. You can repeat the process up to five times a day until you receive your desired stamp. You will be rewarded with the first stamp when you buy a product worth more than Rs200. You can then use this stamp to redeem your rewards.

In order to get a Rangoli stamp, you must spend at least Rs35 on a product from Amazon or Flipkart. Once you have collected five stamps, you will be rewarded with a Rangoli sticker. You can use the Rangoli Stamp as a reference to earn more money or to collect more of them. Once you have accumulated five, you will be rewarded with two additional cards and Rs5 on Google Pay.

Another way to How to Get a Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay is to gift your friends. It’s a fun way to collect multiple stamps if you’re trying to collect them all. A friend can gift you their Rangoli stamp, and then claim the rewards together. You can even buy gifts for your friends so you can share your fun with them. If you want to collect all five stamps in Google, consider all the different ways to earn them.

To get a Rangoli stamp in Google Pay, you must have a QR code for the service you want to buy. If you are using Google Pay, the app has a Redbus option. Select this option and pay the fare you can afford to spend. Once you have obtained the requisite amount, you will have a stamp that is unique and identifies you. This method is easy and requires no prior experience and is ideal for beginners.

There are many ways to get a Rangoli stamp in Google Pay. The first way is to download the CRED app and enter your credit card details. Once you’ve scanned the QR code, you’ll be given a range of options to collect a stamp. If you’re looking to collect a stamp, you should search for it with the name of the service. You can also gift your friends a Rangoli stamp if you want to get a bunch of them.

Once you have purchased a product with a corresponding ring, you can also collect a Rangoli stamp. The amount needed to receive a stamp will depend on the type of product you’ve purchased. For instance, you can choose to purchase a stamp from Flipkart or Amazon. If you’d prefer to collect a stamp from the store itself, you can print it by pointing at the QR code and scanning the ring.

You can also gift a rangoli stamp to your friends. If you want to win a monetary prize for collecting a rungoli stamp, you can scan the ring with the CRED app. If you don’t have a QR scanner, you can scan the QR code and pay any amount between Rs35. The more you pay, the higher your stakes are in the Rangoli stamp.

Moreover, if you’re not a rangoli-loving person, you can also gift the Rangoli stamp to your friends. A friend who collects a ring and a rangoli stamp will be happy to receive a gift from their friends. In addition to gifting a ring, you can also send the rangoli stamp to a friend.

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