Getting funding for a new invention idea requires convincing investors that it is worth investing in and is low-risk. Investors do not invest in ideas with a low likelihood of achieving success, or high failure in the market. In contrast, inventions that solve a problem or provide social benefits will be considered a low-risk investment because they will be able to show their value in sales and social benefits per dollar spent. So what can you do to convince investors to fund your invention?

New invention ideas

Most of the people think that only creative people are able to come up with new invention ideas. They think that the ideas just appear to them, but that’s not true at all. Many inventors follow a structured thought process to come up with new invention ideas. It’s actually easier than it sounds! Here are a few tips that will help you come up with new invention ideas:

When researching your invention, think about what is lacking in it. Many new invention idea are aimed at solving problems and issues, so try to identify complaints. Don’t underestimate the smallest issues: something as simple as burning toast could lead to the invention of a clear-walled toaster. Similarly, you can create a new way to open a jar of jam. And, don’t forget to create an elevator pitch!

Some new inventions start with a good idea, and a quality design. Then, the real work begins: turning your idea into a practical product. Although ideas abound, translating them into a working product requires hard work and investment. But the rewards are great. If you are dedicated and persistent, your new invention may be the next big hit! Think outside the box! You never know where it will go. The world is full of invention opportunities, and you’ll be glad you pursued your idea!

Idea for invention

An idea for invention is a good start, but the first step to patenting it is to write it down. You can send yourself a self-mail, but this is a poor man’s patent and is unreliable proof of conception. Writing your idea down will increase your chances of success and prevent you from wasting time and effort on something that may not exist. Listed below are steps to take before you file your invention for patent.

Identify a market for your invention and create a listing on a marketplace such as Flippa. Using an online marketplace like Flippa, you can sell digital assets online. Although an idea for an invention may be interesting, it isn’t enough to sell it. You must also prove that it is yours, and prove that you came up with it. Then, write down every detail of your invention, such as how you came up with it, how it will work, and how you plan to produce it.