Usually, the money lost due to a scam is not easy to get back. As per the Cash App refund policy, users are not legally eligible to get a cash app refund for money lost due to scams and fraud. Hence, you must be aware of the refund rules if you are using Cash App for payments. Generally, all pending or failed transactions are refunded within a certain time. The Cash App wallet transactions are fast and refunded immediately. On the other hand, credit & debit card transactions may take up to 3 days to cash app refund. Merchant refund may go up to 10 days. 

The only way to stay away from a scam is, be alert while using the Cash App payment application. Always use an updated Cashapp, don’t access any suspicious web link or any unwanted popup on Cash App. Be aware of phishing e-mails and other online scams to stay updated. In any case, if a scam happened to you, contact the support team and register your issue.


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