When we enter NBA 2K23 we will want to build a player of our own. For a strong player, attributes are very critical, and 2K23 MT is crucial to improving them. Here we will show you in detail how to improve attributes in NBA 2K23.

How to upgrade attributes in 2K23 Next Gen?

Steps to upgrade attributes in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER, Next Gen:
  • Press the start button, and go over to the Progression section.
  • Once you are on Progression, you’ll find the Attributes tab at the very top.
  • Click it and you will be taken to your attributes screen.
  • On the attributes screen, you can choose what you want to upgrade.
  • If you don’t have enough NBA 2K23 VC, you need to earn it.
  • You can also press A and Y to buy VC. The attribute you selected to upgrade will be shown in your cart with a price.
When we upgrade our attributes to a certain level in NBA 2K23, we will hit the cap. When we reach the attribute cap we must play more games to gain enough experience or MyPoints to reach 99.

How to upgrade attributes in NBA 2K23?

  • Press the start button and navigate to Progression.
  • When you are on the Progression tab, you should be able to click Progression which is going to be the first bar on the left.
  • Click it, and you’ll see the attributes screen where you can upgrade whatever you want to.
  • You can see the VC cost at the bottom of the screen. It’s going to rack up fast especially when you get those critical attributes for your builds.
  • If you do want to buy some VC, click ahead and press A. It is going to say add right there at the bottom left. Click the “Proceed” button and press Y.
MT is very helpful when we upgrade our NBA 2K23 attributes, so we need to accumulate more NBA 2K23 MT once we enter this game.