When it comes to spas and pools, safety is paramount. If you have small kids, installing frameless Glass is the best way to keep them away from water. It will enhance their safety while retaining the aesthetic of the pool area. Due to your family’s safety, the fence you need to install should be safe, durable, and provide an elegant look. This makes frameless Glass the ideal pool fence. Here is a frameless glass pool fencing Perth guide that will help you install it professionally.

Measure the area you Want to Fence Off

Measure and mark the area you intend to install the posts for the pool fence. The purpose of marking out is to take measurements to help you purchase the requirements. Place a soft pencil mark towards the edge of where the glass panel will rest. Ensure the gaps are equal across every section. 

Purchasing Frameless Glass Pool Fencing and All Necessary Hardware

With your measurement ready, it is time to buy flameless Glass and other requirements. If it is your first time DIYing a pool fence with frameless Glass, it is possible not to know all the requirements. Pool fencing Perth can guide you on all the requirements you need in place. Give us a call, and we will let you know what you need. We will be happy to help you. Nevertheless, here are some tools you will need.

Tools of Trade 

  • Hard Tools; for all types of installations
  • Masking Tape – to place on the centerline of the fence
  • Spirit Level – for leveling the glass barrier and plumbing
  • Sharpie or Texta – for marking 
  • Chalk line – for marking the glass barrier centerline
  • Allen Keys – for fixing the screws. Balustrade
  • Carpenter Pencil
  • Standard DrillDrill – used with mixing paddle to mix grout for spigots
  • Garden Hose – for attaching to the core drill


  • BBQ Tongs – for removing the core piece
  • Braces – for holding the glasses in place
  • Leveling Shims – for sitting under the Glass to level the panels
  • Mixing bucket – for mixing the grout
  • String line – placed on the Glass to provide that perfect straight line
  • Friction Clamps – for holding the Glass at the corners
  • Cold Chisel – for breaking out the core piece
  • Extension lead
  • Drill bit 

Bolt/Flanged Down Spigots 

  • Drive Bits – for applying torque to screws to suit fixings
  • Impact Drive – for inserting fixings to concrete and timber
  • Masonry Drill Bits (Concrete) – to suit fixing the size
  • Spade Bit (Timber) – for drilling an apparent hole in timber decks

Assemble the Fencing According to the Instructions

Glass Pool Fence Perth has created an installation kit that makes the installation process easy. Ensure you treat the process the same as any other building task, ensuring you have maintained the ultimate safety. 

If it is your first time working with DIY projects and Glass, we recommend reading the entire guide before getting started. If you have any questions, give our Glass fencing Perth staff a call or email us. We have years of experience in flameless glass installation and enjoy walking the DIYer through the process. We have a qualified standby installer ready for your call if you lose your nerve. 

Install the Fence by Screwing it into Place or Using Adhesive

  1. Drilling Holes

Put the spigots at the centre of the pencil markings to keep precision. If the holes are not drilled correctly, the difference will be evident when the installation is complete. Use the sharpie to mark the hole location and pre-drill your holes using a tiny drill bit. Using a more significant drill bit, drill the holes to the desired depth, ensuring that you don’t destroy any cables or underground pipes. Using the BBQ tongs, remove the cores and clear the holes of any water or debris. 

  1. The spigots and the glass panels

Start by fixing the corner spigots. Slip the spigots into the holes and insert timber wedges between the spigots and the concrete surface. The wedges will hold the spigots upright, making it easy for you to install the panels. Run a string line to link the spigots. The string line confirms that the spigots are in a straight line, and their height is correct. The string line also ensures that the glass panels will be in a straight line.

Install the rest of the spigots holding them in place using timber wedges. Check that both their vertical and horizontal alignment are correct and their height. Don’t worry if the fence does not look perfect. 

Securing the bottom screw will make the panel lean towards you while securing the top screw leans the panel to the opposite side. Unfastening both the top and the bottom screws makes the panel move from side to side.

Before placing the glass panels, you may want to put rubber shims in the spigot slots. Use the braces to hold the panels and insert a metal plate between the rubber shim and the spigot. Place levelling shims under the panels to ensure they are at the same level. 

Place all the panels without knocking them together. Friction clamps come in handy for holding the glass panels at the corners to prevent chipping. When all the glass panels are in place, verify that the measurements of the spaces between your glass panels are correct. Confirm that the panels are in a straight line and their height is uniform.

Use the Allen keys to screw the spigots. Ensure that the Glass and the metal plates do not come into contact.

  1. Make Sure Everything is Level and Secure Before Filling In Your Pool  

Fitting The Gate

Follow the directions of Pool Fencing Perth to fix the hinges on the gate. To prevent the gate from crashing on the glass panels, put timber stoppers on either side of the gate opening. Place the gate in its position and use packers to ensure the gate and the panels are on the same level on both sides. Put extra packers on the latch side of the gate to be a bit higher than the other side. The difference should not worry you since it will fall in place when you finish the installation. Use pre-drilled slits to join the hinges to the panel and screw up the gate. 

Pool Fencing Perth – Glass Pool

Start by fixing the spring handle part into previously drilled holes for the latch. Place the striker part together with the pressure plate on the latch board and secure them using screws.

After putting the gate in its position, it is time to remove the timber stoppers and check if the gate is well aligned to the panels. If you have followed the instructions well, the gate should open and close in an accessible manner. Glass gates come with hinges that have movable oil discharging valves to control the closing pace. 

Pool Fencing Perth recommends that the gate should never open towards the pool area. The gate should also close on its own from any side. 

Blending the grout

Use the standard DrillDrill and the mixing paddle to blend the grout in the mixing bucket. Ensure the grout is runny enough to flow and fit in the gaps between the concrete holes and the spigots. Spill the grout into the holes, being careful not to splash on the spigots or the glass panels. Wash off any spillages and cure the grout for at least 24 hours. Do not remove the braces and wedges before the grout cures well enough.

Safety measures to observe

The DIY path to installing your pool fence is a risky affair which is why you should consult with Australian safety standards to certify for you that your pool fence installation is compliant. By consulting us at glass pool fence Perth, our staff will take care of the necessary paperwork and the council agreements and permits. You wouldn’t want to invest your resources and time on the pool fence installation project only to have it brought down due to non-compliance.

When sourcing tools for fencing your pool, it is essential to buy from a distinguished firm. Certified sellers will not only sell you quality tools but also give you essential hints to make the process easier for you. If you proceed to install your glass pool fence but you are not satisfied with the results, do not hesitate to contact Glass Pool Fence Perth to send an expert installer your way.

On a personal level, it is essential to pay attention to your safety as you install the glass fence. Glass is fragile, and you should handle it with great care. Keep the panels in a standing position and ensure they remain dry. Please do not attempt to lift them without wearing protective gloves to avoid hurting your hands. 

Wearing safety gear such as steel-tipped footwear, tempered eyeglasses, and hand gloves when installing the glass panels is necessary. Also, ensure that the ground you are working on is not slippery and is free from objects that could cause you to trip and fall.

Enjoy your New, Safe Swimming Area!

Your now newly frameless Glass fenced pool looks great. It’s now safe and enjoyable for your friends, family, and pets. 

Whether you want to build a new pool, need an upgrade, or want advice on making a safe and beautiful design, let Pool Fencing Perth make your pool a harmonious part of your property.