Every garden has a special charm which makes it a home for plants and animals, but unfortunately, all these creatures have a negative impact on the plants and sometimes even harm them.

There are two main types of plants, they are the poisonous plants and the non-poisonous plants. When the plants have a poisonous effect on the birds, then we say that the plants are toxic.

Toxic plants can be easily identified if you observe them. The most common type of toxic plants are the berries, which are not good for the birds because they contain poison.

Birds are attracted to the bright red berries and sometimes they eat them, which harms their bodies and may even kill them.

Other than berries, there are also some other types of toxic plants that are very harmful for the birds. One such plant is the nettle, which is the weed of the birds.

As soon as the birds see the nettle, they run away, but this plant is very common and grows in many parts of the world, including India.

So, what can you do to keep the birds out of your garden?

1. Plant non-toxic plants

First of all, it is important to keep the poisonous plants away from your garden. You can plant the non-toxic plants to make the garden a home for the birds.

You should not grow the poisonous plants in your garden, otherwise you might have problems in the future.

2. Keep the berries far away from the garden

If you are growing the poisonous berries, then keep them far away from the garden. You should keep the poisonous berry bushes away from your house and even your neighbor’s garden.

If the berries grow near the house, then the birds will eat the berries and may get poisoned.

3. Keep the nettle away from the garden

The nettle is also a toxic plant which can be dangerous to the birds. So, keep the nettle away from the garden.

4. Make a bird-proof fence

Another way to keep the birds out of your garden is to make a bird proofing. The fence will keep the birds away from the garden and will keep them safe.


I hope you liked this article on “How to keep the birds out of your garden?”. In this article, I have given you some useful tips to keep the birds away from your garden and make it a home for the birds.