Leveling up weapons in “New World” allows players to tailor their playstyles to their preferences and ultimately grow more potent with each perk unlocked. You can split that experience across both weapons if you use both of them. But the issue is that as your weapon levels up, it takes more and more experience to reach the next level. That’s where this guide comes in.

Given how weapon XP is earned, this can take longer. To gain experience points, players must constantly use their preferred weapons in combat. Every kill on an enemy near a player’s level will net a significant amount of weapon XP, implying that farming areas with high mob densities can be very beneficial when leveling up. Of course, not every monster-infested area can provide the desired amount of XP.

The first, and most popular one, is called Deadman’s Cove, which is on the southern tip of Monarch’s Bluffs. This is a cave just overflowing with elite drowned enemies, elite chests, and a boss called Master Cannoneer Jennings, who drops a pretty good Musket and Rapier. But because DMC is a level 25 area, you’re going to receive less experience as you out-level the enemies and will need to move onto a new elite area to farm.

• Brightwood Isle – This is an island in the middle of Brightwood with a healthy number of level 34 elite enemies. Not quite as dense as DMC, but still an excellent place to farm.
• Periville – An excellent level 40 area in Weaver’s Fen to clear out.
• Stone Skull Fort – Another level 40 area in Cutlass Keys with loads of Pirates to farm.
• Scorpius – This is another fantastic area to farm for loot, experience, and New World Gold! It’s loaded with level 50 corrupted enemies, and you can group them up to AOE them down as well.

Another way to level up weapons in New World is PvP, and you can simply kill other players, which will give you massive amounts of weapon experience. This is by far the fastest way to reach level 20. But not everyone likes to PvP, so that is where the first method comes into play.

When players get those weapons leveled up as fast as possible, they can take full advantage of the skill trees each weapon has, making them more efficient and helping flesh out their build. Was this article helpful? If you want to know more, please visit here!