The business world is growing larger with each passing day, so is the competition. In this tough competition your business needs something that always reminds your customer about you and your business expertise whenever required. That is surely your business card. Business cards allow you to share all your required personal and business information in an impactful way. The business card must be of such quality that is long-lasting and remains intact with the holder. Your Business card is just like your first impression, hence it must be striking and memorable. This striking effect can be added with artwork, shape, appearance and the feel of touch.

You can build your customized business cards in just 5 easy steps and get unique results

Step-by-step guide towards building your own business card:

Step#1 Decide that what information you want to provide to your customers.

The information you want to mention on the business cards must be chosen wisely. Make sure that you have provided all the information about your business. You can add your business address, business nature and expertise to keep the card holder informed completely but the information must be short and expressive.

Step#2 Selection of artwork and color scheme.

The artwork design of business cards of different industries varies from each other. Usually one can judge the business nature from the artwork and design of the business card. Artwork includes the fonts that will be used for writing all the information, a background design, any images or reflections. You can choose both side to fill with artwork. front side of the card can be added with business name and other information. While on the back side of your card you may add your address or just the company logo in between a stylish artwork.

The color scheme also varies from business to business. For a gentle business like real estate, consultancy and medical field you can choose light and smooth colors. While for businesses like hair stylists, restaurants, electronic gadget shop the colors chosen could be bright and vivid.

Step#3 Choose the shape you want for your business cards

Business card becomes a defining statement for you and your business so the more innovative and well-designed your card will be better will be your impression on those to who get these cards. You can build a shape from your own choice. For example, an interior designer got her card designed in the shape of a leaf, a vet got his card designed with a missing corner which looked like a bite, a real estate broker had his card beautifully made in a square shape. There are many such examples, all you need to do is bring up a new idea.

Step#4 Selection of material for your business card

Business cards must be of sustainable and durable nature. These cards are often seen carried in the wallets or cardholders so it must be made from good quality material. materials used for making the business cards are:

  • Cardboard
  • Paperboard
  • Kraft

Furthermore, you can choose the required thickness of the selected material. Commonly business cards are made in three thicknesses that are

  • 100lb Gloss cover

This paper is cheaper and commonly used by small businesses with lesser budget. Although the final quality will seem just fine, it won’t give a cheaper look. This 100lb gloss cover paper is bendable and thinner as compared to other cardstock.

  • 14pt-16pt cardstock

The most popular option selected is 14pt cardstock. It is the most common thickness of card you will find in your business acquaintances’ business card list. It is comparatively durable than an 100lb gloss cover and bear more wear and tear. And this card stock is affordable too.

  • 24pt-32pt card stock

The custom business card makers and printers have added another option for the customers that is 24pt-32pt thicknesses. This card stock is durable and textured and can be used without adding any coating to it.

Step#5 Selection of printing options and ideas

Now your information that is to be displayed on the card is complete, artwork is designed and color schemes are finalized and you have selected the material too. But to revitalize these business cards in the same effective way as it was in your thoughts, you need to choose the right printing technique. The correct printing technique will bring your designed artwork to life. There are variety of printing option for the business cards. Printing options can be selected from few options and ideas mentioned below:

  • Simple printing with varnish
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Die-cutting
  • Hot foil stamp printing
  • Spot UV printing

You can either select one out of these or make a combination of different options and ideas to build a unique Business card.


Business card is your business identity which you can make impactful. To make such business cards which attracts the handler or viewer you can choose different materials, shapes, artwork, color scheme and printing options. Design these cards in such a unique way that it speaks for itself. Select the options wisely to make a memorable experience for others who are having your business card. these cards can act as marketing tool for your business.