Owning an RV provides a great way to explore places in your own country or state with comfort and style. Do you know you can make the best investment if installing a solar panel on your RV roof? Yes, it is because it provides the freedom to use a sustainable power source. The experts at the top RV service in Sacramento have shared the steps you need to know to mount solar panels to your RV roof.

Keep on reading to know How to Mount Solar Panels on RV Roof.

Before you can start installing solar panels on the RV roof, you will need to determine what type of RV roof you have and which panel type you have for installation. Only after knowing these two, you can decide which mounting hardware will be fit for installing solar panels. In addition, you also have to determine if you need to tilt your solar panels or not before you choose the mounting hardware.

Rubber RV Roof

Once you decide which panel you want to install, it’s time to choose the RV roof type. Rubber roof is the most popular type people choose. To lodge this type of roof, you will need to screw the mount panels with lag bolts.

Take Z-brackets ( mounting brackets)and screw them on the frame of solar panels. While placing the shelves, make certain you don’t interrupt other roof parts. Z-brackets are the most common mounting brackets that you will find in the Solar RV kit.

After screwing the bracket into the roof, shield all holes with self-leveling lap sealant.

While mounting solar panels onto a rubber roof, please make sure that you don’t stick a VHB or butyl tap on it. We know some RV owners or Sacramento RV repair professionals may use this. But, the glue in the fixture can make the top of the rubber roof peel off. These taps shouldn’t be used on rubber roofs.

If you want to use any adhesive, you can consult an RV repair professional for recommendations for the adhesive. The proper bond will depend on the solar panel you have to install.

Here is what you need to do when installing solar panels without drilling holes

Choose a fiberglass roof solar panel for installation. Fiberglass solar panels don’t require drilling holes to mount them into the roof. Therefore, choose flexible solar panels if you don’t want to drill holes.

You can put the VHB tap in the case of a fiberglass solar panel, but it should not be a rubber roof. Stick VHB tape and Butyl Tape correctly and follow the instructions.

Cover the RV roof with a tarp for at least 48 hours. This will give them time to VHB tap or Butyl Tape and lap sealant to fix permanently.

If you have titling hardware, worry not, as this approach works well. There are no chances of leaks when there is a no-drill process to make holes.

Although mounting solar panels to an RV roof is simple, one can eliminate the possibility of errors and save time by hiring a highly-experienced trailer repair Sacramento can become an expert. You can ensure quality and safe RV solar panel installation if you hire professionals.