The QuickBooks Desktop 2022 is the revised version of QuickBooks Desktop software. QuickBooks is a popular accounting software that simplifies the financial management of businesses by providing numerous features such as income and expense tracking, taxes, and sales reports.


QuickBooks 2022 Versions: System Requirements

In order to ensure a smooth and trouble-free download and installation of QuickBooks 2022, the below-listed requirements are necessary.


QuickBooks Desktop 2022: Pricing

As the system requirements for QuickBooks 2022 are known, take a quick look at each of its editions along with their pricing.


Pro Plus 2022 – $ 349.99 Annually.

Pro Plus 2022 + Payroll – $ 649.99 Annually.

Enterprise 22.0 – $ 1147.5 Annually.

Premier Plus 2022 – $ 549.99 Annually.

Premier Plus 2022 With Payroll – $ 849.99 Annually. 


Steps for QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Download 

QuickBooks Desktop versions 2022 can be downloaded and utilized using the below-mentioned methods:


Method 1: Via Installation Disk

If you’ve purchased the QuickBooks 2022 installation disk, you need to comply with the following instructions:


Initially, keep the license and product key of your QuickBooks handy.

Thereafter, insert the installation disk into CD ROM.

Finally, the QuickBooks installer will open automatically.

Note: If users want to download the QuickBooks on their system, follow these steps:


First, visit “This PC” and right-click the QuickBooks CD icon.

Next, click “Open” and select all the files.

Then, hold “Ctrl” and “C” to copy the files.

Next, minimize windows and right-tap anywhere on the Desktop.

Finally, choose “Paste” and the QuickBooks setup will be downloaded on your system.


Method 2: Via Website

Download QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Via the website needs the following steps:


First, visit Intuit’s official website.

Then, scroll down and locate “Products”.

Next, under it, select the QB version you wish to download.

Note: You can only download QuickBooks desktop 2022 version and not the online one.


Then, buy the product and sign in to your Intuit account or create one.

Now, complete its purchase and the download link with product and license code will appear on the screen.

Finally, you can download QuickBooks Desktop 2022 from the link or your email.


Installation Procedure of QuickBooks Desktop 2022

Now that you’ve downloaded the QuickBooks 2022 version on your system, you can install the software by following the below steps.


Step 1: QuickBooks Installation


The QuickBooks Desktop 2022 installation is divided into 3 steps and the first one requires performing these: 


To begin with, reach the download directory.

Then, launch QuickBooks 2022 setup.

Next, click “Yes” if you’re requested permission.

Now, accept the agreement and adhere to the on-screen instructions.

Finally, input your license and product keys and tap “Next” to choose an installation type.

Step 2: Choose Install Type

QuickBooks Desktop can be installed using two methods and each of them has its own advantages. Let’s explore.


Express Install 

The express install procedure is only recommended for the following scenarios:


If it’s your first time using the QuickBooks Desktop.

In case you’re reinstalling your QuickBooks.

If you’re using Quickbooks Desktop on a single machine.

The steps for using the Express Install for QuickBooks 2022 are as follows:


Checkmark the “Express” option and click Next.

Thereafter, click “Install” and wait while the installer runs.

Finally, click on “Finish” and perform a reboot.

Custom And Network

We recommend the Custom and Network installation for the below scenarios:


In case you intend to install QuickBooks on a server.

If you wish to establish a multi-user network.

In case you want to host your computer files on a server.

The custom and Network installation consist of the following steps:


To start with, select Custom and Network for installation.

Thereafter, click “Next” and choose your method of using QuickBooks.

Next, you can change the install directory accordingly.

Now, hit “Next” and the installation process will begin.

Finally, once done, launch QuickBooks 2022.

Step 3: Activate QuickBooks 

The final step for QuickBooks 2022 setup is to activate the QuickBooks. Once you launch the QuickBooks Desktop, you’ll be prompted for activating it. Follow these steps:


To start with, click on “Begin Activation”.

Then, choose the purchase activation method.

In case of purchasing QB from a third party, select “Login”.

In case of direct purchase provide prompted credentials.

Also, make sure to provide the appropriate license key.

This will activate your QuickBooks and you can access your company file and use the beneficial features of QuickBooks 2022 Desktop.



What we’ve told you here is that the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 download procedure is safe, simple, and reliable. You just need to know how to go about it. We’ve also made clear that there are no unnecessary steps in it. If you follow our instruction to the letter, you won’t face any difficulties. So, don’t worry. Just start the download of your QuickBooks now, and it will complete within a few minutes.