Often when trying to login into QuickBooks online on chrome, one might end up in an error causing issues in accessing QuickBooks. This can be due to a handful of reasons like poor internet connection, incorrect password, or the browser itself causing the issue, etc. However, this error can be tackled easily by performing a few simple steps, which we are going to discuss in this post. If you are facing the same issue and want to know the steps to eliminate the error, then make sure to read the post till the end, or you can also connect with our tech support professionals at 1-844-405-0907 and ask our team to help you with the process.

What causes Intuit QBO login problems?

The below factors can trigger such an error in QuickBooks:


  • One of the major factors can be in case the user hasn’t signed out properly from the previous session
  • Another reason can be if someone has logged in QuickBooks online from a different system or location with the same sign-in credentials
  • The user can also experience similar issue if some firewall or antivirus is blocking the access
  • Also, if the old history or cache is slowing down the performance of chrome, then such an error can be seen

Steps to fix QuickBooks Online (QBO) Login Problems for Chrome

The user can try to perform the below set of steps to eliminate the issue in QuickBooks. Let us have a look:

Clear history and cache to resolve the QuickBooks online login problems to fix the issue. As mentioned earlier, the issue may also be caused by old history or cache as they may slow down the performance of Google Chrome when you try to open QuickBooks accounting software. Clearing history or cache can help you fix the login issue. The steps involved here are:

  • At first, the user needs to click on customize and control tab respectively
  • After that hit the settings tab
  • Followed by clicking on the history tab
  • And click on clear browsing data tab
  • This will show up several boxes on the screen
  • Where the user needs to opt for the appropriate box and clear everything, which includes cookies, cached images and files, and other site and plug-in data

By the end of this post, we expect that the reader might be able to eliminate the issue using the set of steps listed above. However, if the user is unable to for some reason, then connecting with our QuickBooks online support team at 1-844-405-0907 is recommended. We are a team of certified QuickBooks professionals who work round the clock in providing instant support services.