Owners are concerned about the safety of their vehicles when parked. Unfortunately, even though new automobiles have certain anti-theft measures, they are effectively stolen. Modern automobiles are equipped with various security features to prevent theft, including in-built sensors in certain cases.

Unfortunately, this will not be enough to deter someone from stealing your treasured possession. There are, however, a range of ways to avoid automobile theft, ranging from obvious deterrents to inexpensive extras. You can learn through a compiled list of the top auto theft prevention measures to simplify your life.

How To Stop Keyless Car Stealing?

These days, vehicles are equipped with a plethora of new technology, many of which are intended to make life simpler. Keyless access is a good example. However, while keyless access is a convenient feature growing in popularity, it may be a weak point for high-end automobiles. If criminals get near enough to the ignition key, they may be able to control the signals and use it to steal your automobile without breaking into your home.

Fortunately, you may take a few steps to keep your key fob’s signals from being captured. The first item you can do is keep your items away from outside windows and doorways, as criminals should be close enough to the signal to control it. With this, you must secure the best-rated SUV tires from theft. These are some tried and tested methods of avoiding keyless vehicle stealing.

What Are Anti-Theft Car Devices?

These days thieves are sophisticated. There are always individuals who prefer the traditional standard of sneaking into a car and stealing it. There are a variety of measures and deterrents available to keep curious eyes away from your vehicle. Two of the most powerful anti-cars stealing gadgets, in our view, are:

  • Locking the steering wheel
  • Post for ram assaults

The steering wheel padlock is a tried-and-true anti-theft gadget that’s simple to install and preserve. If you frequently park in a busy place, they make perfect sense as even expert thieves will find it difficult to take them down without bringing awareness to themselves. While an Anti-ram-raiding post is not common in the market; however, it is a good option to prevent.

Be Careful Around Social Media

Unseemly personalities can use social media to watch what others do, which is a major concern. They may be watching you if you love uploading pictures of your automobile on social media channels. A vehicle thief may find out what automobile you drive, your preferred vacation spots, and where you stay if you aren’t attentive. The recommendation is to be cautious about the photographs and videos you post on social media. If you’re near home, don’t include your location, and be wary of revealing personal information with individuals, no matter how pleasant they look.

Install CCTV Near Your House And Security Lights

If you live in a townhouse or bungalow and have a parking area outside your lawn, you must think about installing some security cameras or lighting. Most of the time, thieves seek to conduct a crime without bringing awareness to themselves. They also don’t want any proof that can be used against them if they are captured. A CCTV system will serve as an important deterrent to anyone looking at your automobile and assist the authorities if a thief manages to steal it.

Smart Kerb Facing The Parking

People living near residential areas won’t have a luxurious parking area. They might be parking on the streets. Therefore, when you park your car tires towards the kerb, it provides a safe spot. It is a simple aspect, however, an important one. Thieves attempting to pull your car on the road will have difficulty doing so since the wheels will not be straight. This also implies to the police and other car towers.