With Slater + Gordon announcing the closure of their Conveyancing Works division, it is timely that Aylward Game Solicitors have launched their partnership with Nectar mortgage brokers to offer high quality, full service residential conveyancing at a discounted rate.

Clients who arrange their finance for the purchase of a home through Nectar and engage Aylward Game Solicitors to undertake their conveyancing will benefit from a reduced cost of conveyancing.

As a result of the partnership between Nectar and Aylward Game Solicitors, Aylward Game will apply the commission received from Nectar to reduce their standard professional fees for arranging the conveyancing on a residential property purchase – reducing your cost without compromising quality.

Conveyancing in Queensland is complex and is affected by at least 20 different pieces of State and Federal legislation, contract conditions, extensive case law and practice guidelines. Many things in a conveyance may not go as expected.

Here at Aylward game, we do not seek to be the lowest cost provider of conveyancing.

We are highly experienced in all conveyancing matters and are able to guide our clients through any issues that arise, helping our clients to avoid costly liability and compensation issues and to reduce the stress that they face as they journey through this potentially complex legal process.

All conveyancing work is performed by experienced solicitors under the daily supervision of our principal, Mark Game, a solicitor with over 30 years experience in all aspects of the property, both residential and commercial.

“The initial joy of a low price or cheap conveyancing is soon lost by the stress caused by not having an experienced guide at your side during one of life’s major transactions”

Save Points On Your Interest Rates, And Cash On Your Conveyancing Fee”

Don’t just go to one bank… go to them all with Nectar on their portal here.

Buying An Existing Property Or vacant land

Experience matters when progressing through the conveyancing process. We can guide you through the pitfalls with your simple and complex commercial and residential property conveyancing matters. We take the guesswork away by reviewing your contract to identify issues and key dates for example your cooling off period, building & pest inspections, finance, and hidden clauses. We can recommend and undertake advanced searches. Finally, we prepare you for settlement, including paying stamp duty, calculating settlement adjustments for rates and water rates, or body corporate fees.

Selling An Existing Property Or Vacant Land

Selling your property is stressful enough. Let us ease your burden by keeping you aware of the important responsibilities you have as a property seller. We will guide you through the sale process ensuring that you meet all statutory requirements and responding to queries from the buyer’s solicitor to generally make the process as smooth as possible. We prepare you for settlement, including calculating settlement adjustments for rates and water rates and, where applicable, body corporate fees and liaising with your real estate agent and the buyer’s solicitor to ensure a smooth settlement with funds banked to your account quickly following settlement.

Off The Plan Purchases

Buying “off the plan” has become increasingly popular but there are a number of factors additional to those in a standard purchase, particularly because the asset you are buying is not built yet! We will perform a review of the contract and disclosure documents to advise you on how to best protect yourself against the additional risks. We will work with you throughout the full buying process, performing initial searches, and further searches once your plan has registered. Finally, we work with you in the period from plan registration to settlement.

Non-Standard Conveyancing Contracts

Our conveyancing solicitors are highly experienced in advising you on these types of property and conveyancing contract matters. Whilst contacting us early is important for all such transactions it is paramount for these contracts. We have assisted thousands of clients on commercial contracts (involving Land and Sale of Business transactions), Vendor Finance/Instalment Contracts, Leases, and many more Queensland property transactions. We can also advise you on caveats, easements, and other encumbrances on a lot and the most effective means of dealing with these matters.

We have introduced this in the hopes of saving our clients money on their conveyancing without reducing the high standard of work we perform. This is full-service conveyancing with fees subsidised by the finance broker Nectar.

Mark Game, the partner responsible for property transactions at Aylward Game solicitors welcomed the new arrangement “It is vital to ensure that you appoint an experienced solicitor to look after your property purchase, and ensure that you avoid the many pitfalls that can trap the unwary or unprepared. We are delighted to be able to offer our quality conveyancing service in association with Nectar”.

This will help our clients to save some money without compromising on the quality of service.

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