What is a loose diamond?

As the name indicates, a loose diamond refers to the one that is not fixed in a ring, jewelry mounting, or discovery. While there are loads of reasons to sell loose diamonds for cash in LA, there should never be any regret in doing so. If you have loose diamonds lying idle in a bank or a locker, it might be worth it to turn these unsolicited diamonds into cash. Apart from this, considering the recent awareness of how many fresh diamonds are mined in conflict-influencedregions, there is a soliddemand for older loose diamonds to be used in the latestjewelry, infighting the buyer and wearer any controversy about the diamond’s attribution.

A majority of diamonds need to be detached from their environs to be graded, assessed, or examined by one of the Los Angeles jewelry buyers. If the diamond is still fixed to a jewelry element, it makes it very difficult for the buyer to determine the value of the diamond, and you will probably get an improper and lower estimate than the real worth of your diamond.

Settings, points, and bezel sets (an item around the edge of the diamond) are often unclear any fries or nicks in a diamond. While holding aninjured diamond in a setting might seem to benefit you, the seller, Los Angeles jewelry buyers are well aware of this fact and will possibly ask you to separate the diamond from its setting for a thoroughcheck or will simply offer you an estimate assuming the worst.

Apart from this, getting a precisecolor grading is necessary to get a full price estimation for your loose diamonds. Color gradings are carried out by examining the diamond under a restrictedsetting using a white background and a color grading lamp. Diamonds set in gold and other yellow metals often reproduce the color of the metal in the diamond, varying your probablecolor grading for the nastiest. Rather, it’s perfect for your diamond to be loose for the diamond buyer to precisely assessing its color grade and to completely compare it to a master group of stones, which are formally pre-graded by color, to ascertain your stone’s color. Repetitively, these assessments are harder to do if your stone is set, and will adversely impact the quote estimate that is given to you.

Likewise, it is harder to determine a diamond’s weight, or how many Carats it is, without it being separated from the setting. That setting can also conceal the cut and regularity of the stone, again undesirablyinfluencing the offer that might be given to you.