The following details should be kept in mind if you were really considering how to set up an www 123 hp com dj3630 WiFi password. Only those HP printers that have wireless capabilities and use WiFi Direct when connecting directly to the Internet should be the subject of any assignment relating to how to set up HP Printer WiFi password.

The following tools are required to configure your HP DeskJet 3630 printer’s wireless connection. Like a wireless network in your home, responsive WiFi. First, confirm that your computer is using WiFi or an Ethernet connection to connect to the same wireless network as your printer.

Setup Default WiFi Password for HP Printer

You must examine the WiFi Direct settings before setting up 123 hp com dj3630 wifi password and changing the printer’s name using the EWS (Embedded Web Server) on the printer. The procedures that must be followed in this regard are as follows:

  • In the case of printers with touch screen control panels, you can click the WiFi Direct icon. By pressing the Settings icon, you may toggle this function on or off and alter your connection method so that it either requires a password (Manual mode) or doesn’t (Automatic mode).
  • You may effortlessly print WiFi Direct reports that provide all the information you require on printers without touch screens. In the event that the printer has an information button, you can push it to obtain the report you need. For use with other HP printers, you can also simultaneously press the Start and Copy buttons, or you can press and hold the Resume button to print the report.
  • You can change the printer’s name and set a new password by following these instructions.
  • Make that your computer or mobile device is connected to the same network as the printer.
  • Obtain the printer’s unique identification number from the network as well as its IP address.
  • Print the network setup page for printers without control panel screens to obtain the required IP address.
  • The IP address will be displayed in the network settings or Wireless menu on printers with touchscreen or menu control panels.
  • To access the printer’s EWS, or Embedded Web Server, enter the IP address for your web browser and press Enter.
  • When you select Network-WiFi Direct-Status, a notification indicating that you are being forwarded to a new, secure HTTPS-enabled page will appear.
  • Pick OK or Redirect to HTTPS depending on what is appropriate in this situation. In the event that the message When Your Connection Is Not Private appears, select Proceed to (IP address of the Printer).
  • To make the desired adjustments, select the Edit Settings option on the WiFi Direct Status screen, then select Apply.


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