How to Ship Hazardous Goods on Amazon FBA?

Whether you are an experienced shipper or new to the business of shipping hazardous products, there are some things that you need to know about shipping hazardous goods on the internet. There are certain rules and regulations that you need to follow, as well as some special considerations that you may want to take into account.

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Dangerous goods vs hazardous goods on Amazon

Regardless of whether you are new to Amazon or a seasoned seller, there are important differences between dangerous goods and hazardous goods. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your business safe.

Before you can ship products, you will have to go through a process. This includes submitting a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to Amazon. It will help them determine how to properly package and ship your product to ensure it is safe for customers.

You will also need to provide additional documentation. This includes information about the manufacturer’s bill of materials and number of batteries. If you don’t, you may be prevented from shipping your products until the problem is resolved.

Once you have complied with all of the above, you can begin to ship your products. Amazon FBA will check all items received in their warehouses to make sure they are safe. If a product is deemed unsafe, you will receive a notification and will need to ship the item back within five business days.

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Dispute a HAZMAT classification

Dispute a HAZMAT classification when Amazon FBA shipping service? Whether you’re new to the program or you’ve been selling for a while, you may have noticed that some of your listings are flagged as hazmat. This can be frustrating. It can also affect your conversion rate. However, there are steps you can take to make sure that your products are safe to ship and sell on the platform.

First, you need to determine if your product is a hazmat. If it is, you will have to provide a Safety Data Sheet. A Safety Data Sheet is a document that specifies what type of hazmat materials your product contains. This document is available for download from the Manage dangerous goods classification website.

You should also provide the complete and up-to-date product data. This includes an ingredients list, a labeling acknowledgement, and a Material Safety Data Sheet. Using the wrong data can lead to sales blockages and loss of merchant selling privileges.

Storage limitations on Amazon

Managing inventory is essential for Amazon FBA sellers. Poor inventory management can lead to inventory restrictions and IPI score issues.

There are several factors that determine the storage limits for hazmat on Amazon FBA shipping. These include the volume of sales, the storage type, and the seasonality of sales.

For example, a seller with an IPI score of 350 to 549 will have limited IPI storage and overage fees. A seller with a score of 550 or higher will have unlimited IPI storage and no overage fees.

The type of hazmat product that you have will also determine the storage limit that you have. For example, an aerosol hazmat product has different storage limits than a cleaning product or an electronic device.

The rules that Amazon has for hazmat products are designed to protect customers and ensure that the product will arrive in good condition. These rules are based on safety standards and best practices for storing and handling these products.

Identifying if your eCommerce product might be classified as hazardous

Identifying if your eCommerce product might be classified as hazardous is a key step to taking precautions to keep your customers safe. Whether you sell medicines, alcohol, first aid kits, paints, dry ice or other materials, you’ll want to make sure your product is labeled correctly and stored properly.

Dangerous goods are defined as materials that pose a health risk to people and the environment. They may include everyday household cleaners, flammable liquids, aerosol sprays, cosmetics, and more. They need to be stored appropriately and out of reach of children.

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a document that helps you identify if your eCommerce product might be classified as a dangerous good. They contain information about hazmat classifications, product features, and transport risks. They are usually available from the manufacturer.

Amazon will ask you to provide a Safety Data Sheet when you ship a hazardous goods product. You can also upload supporting documents.